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Thousands of students seek to take a step forward in their professional careers. This is why they demand specialization in their respective sector. Digital marketing, an industry that is increasingly in demand, increasingly requires the incorporation of specific knowledge. Fortunately, the offer of training and masters is increasingly wide and here we bring you the best digital marketing masters in Barcelona

Doing a master's degree will give you greater professional maturity and a more practical vision of the business world, in addition to helping you network, that is, contacts (both teachers and classmates), which will make it easier for you to find a job, although it does not guarantee it.

If you are already working, a specialization would help you evolve in your professional career And it would benefit you to share experiences with other people who are also in the world of work.

Master in digital marketing Barcelona

Euncet Business School


An extraordinarily competitive and changing global environment like the current one poses new challenges for future managers and managers of the marketing, communication and sales-sales departments.

The changes derived from the use of technologies and the successive modifications in consumer habits have caused an increase in the demand for jobs related to marketing, the commercial field and communication. While it is true that this increase in specialties requires increasingly adapted profiles, it is no less true that the marketing and commercial management in the company must be characterized by an integrative vision that takes into account, in addition to a high degree of knowledge of the new technologies, in-depth knowledge of consumer behavior to achieve long-term competitive advantages.

The Master's Degree in Marketing Management at Euncet Business School-UPC allows you to develop the skills and abilities necessary to assimilate the most advanced analytical, strategic and operational concepts. Participants will be able to understand, create, offer and communicate added value to today's demanding customer; also incorporating all the potential that digital environments hold within its strategy and operations of commercial marketing and communication actions.




  • Business and marketing planning process in organizations
  • Market research, information management and decision making
  • Financial impact of strategic decisions
  • Marketing in digital environments
  • Creation of value in the company
  • Delivering value to the customer
  • Sales and marketing strategies.
  • Customer-centric commercial marketing strategies.
  • Management of clients and key accounts: new models of commercial organization

Price or cost of the master

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URL - Ramon Llull University. Official Masters


If you have training in the business field and would like to manage and carry out business projects at an international level, the Master's Degree in International Management is available. This is a prestigious training program designed by the Ramon Llull University and taught at the ESADE School of Business Administration and Management.




  • Management principles
    • Strategic management
    • Business in partnership
    • Financial markets
    • Corporate finance
    • International marketing strategies.
  • Professional development
    • Study trips and career and skills seminars
  • Advanced international
    • International business strategies
    • Global organization
    • Manage digital businesses
    • Global Operations

Price or cost of the master

25.800 € (VAT included)



E-marketing is a constantly expanding activity, there is a growing demand for professionals capable of applying it in the field of tourism companies. For this reason, you have at your disposal the Master's Degree in Tourism Business Management - Specialty in Tourism Digital Marketing.

The cultural diversity of the Master's students enables an enriching professional exchange and a global vision of the application of the “e-Tourism” tools. The learning methodology is action-oriented and guarantees training with immediate applicability to the company.

A personalized monitoring of the final Master's Project of the students is carried out, and emphasis is placed on the business plans for their actual implementation. The student body has the possibility of presenting it to the Awards for the Best Entrepreneurial Projects of the Fundació Gaspar Espuña-CETT. The CETT maintains a close relationship with the business and institutional sector of tourism and offers students a powerful job bank.




Marketing Management (9 ECTS):

  • New digital business models
  • The value chain in a digital environment
  • Digital Entrepreneurship and Digital Business Plan
  • Market research on the Internet

Economic - Financial Management (3 ECTS):

  •  Basic concepts
  • Economic and financial analysis
  • The budget as a management tool
  • Practical applications

Strategic Management (6 ECTS):

  • Contextualization
  • Marketing strategies
  • Strategic decisions
  • Strategic scorecard


E-Commerce strategies in tourism (6 ECTS):

  • E-Commerce strategies in the tourism sector: B2B, B2C, social shopping, ..; online payment systems

Optimization and management of Internet presence (3 ECTS):

  • "Social media": plan, strategies, tools: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, You Tube, Foursquare, "Social Trips", Control and profitability
  • Web design and its influence on e-Commerce: key elements of web design, usability and navigability, web analysis, web audit

Revenue management (3 ECTS):

  • Online marketing: intermediation, channels, integration with "off"
  • Demand anticipation and forecasting tools (Revenue M ..)
  • Demand management and optimization tools: CRS, PMS,.
  • Pricing: online pricing strategies, dynamic prices, social buying, auctions, etc.

Online customer acquisition and loyalty strategies (3 ECTS):

  • Main elements
  • Search engine optimization: SEO, SEM
  • Online communication: eAdvertising, Digital Public Relations, Mobile MK, eMail MK
  • CRM and Contact Center: Basic concepts, Customer management, Operations management.

Web design and its influence on e-Commerce (3 ECTS):

  • Usability and navigability
  • Website audit
  • Augmented reality

ROI-oriented Web Analytics in e-Commerce (3 ECTS):

  • Web analytics basics
  • Measurement as part of the strategy
  • Key indicators (KPI's) in web analytics
  • Measuring tools


Research Methodology * (6 ECTS)

  • Basic concepts
  • Research Plan
  • Quantitative Methodology
  • Qualitative Methodology

Practicum * (6 ECTS)



Regardless of which master's degree you are looking for, we recommend that you always ask about the scholarships available, since universities usually offer a wide variety of scholarships for their students. Any savings is good, it will allow you to pay for other unforeseen expenses such as travel expenses and transfers.