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If you've recently been looking for information about schools, careers, or masters, you've probably seen the ad for "bosses in sweatshirts." Its ambitious and comprehensive remarketing plan has reached hundreds of thousands of people in Spain and other parts of Latin America.

What is special about this MBA?

ThePowerMBA is an online training 100% on demand, which also It is presented at a more than affordable price. This master seems to already belong to the select club of those who have known how to move the correct gear. In just three years this online business school, with 100% Spanish capital, has reached 40,000 students with a simple formula: affordable programs -around 500 euros- with 15-minute classes and taught by recognized figures from the business and entrepreneurship field at a national and international level.

Who teaches classes?

The classes in format microlearningthey are fun, direct and practical. They are complemented by summaries or outlines in text, video presentations, and also contextualized interviews and opinions. We can find professionals like Álvaro Ramirez (founder of CONTAPLUS); José del Barrio (The Red Refrigerator) and Miguel Vicente (Lets Bonus and Wallapop)

ThePowerMba Opinions

The first search we will do will be on Facebook. We are going to see what opinions users have expressed on social networks. We observe that among 200 opinions, they have obtained a remarkable 4.6 out of 5, which is very good. In general the tone of the opinions are positive in terms of training. As we will mention later, most of the negative opinions have to do with administrative issues, outside of education


Opinions on TrustPilot

In this recognized platform we see that today it obtains a remarkable 4.7 out of 5, based on more than 300 opinions.


Dubious practices

In their eagerness to show Social Proof and demonstrate their great staff of teachers, they have certainly engaged in practices that at least require revision. Recently, on twitter, Carlos Sánchez, has had to clarify that he does not belong in any way to the staff of ThePowerMBA.


Is ThePowerMBA a scam?

Many people in social networks has issued negative comments on social networks. Many disbelieve the benefits of the program and consider that including the word MBA is misleading, since a traditional MBA can cost several thousand euros and also issues a valid degree recognized by the market and educational system (which ThePowerMBA does not). Despite this, "MBA" is a free word and its use is not regulated. In addition, the promise is clear, access training for 500 euros. If you pay, you agree. There is no cheating or scam. Then, it is up to each one to assess whether the educational "value" received is worth the price paid.

Structure of ThePower MBA Marketing Master

Have 250 general classes and 150 generic classes of approximately 15 minutes, which delves into different areas, such as SEO, Social Media, advertising, analytics, and so on.

Obviously, it presents a broad approach towards business. So the examples and their subjects are mainly focused on business experiences of success and some other failure.

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At the advertising and promotion level, we cannot deny the presence in the media that this master has. We have been able to observe the outstanding landing page that this training has in the specialized medium, Forbes. This kind of agreement or alliance between ThepowerMba and Forbes , shows us that it is a serial project with a long-term perspective. Size of exposure and publicity cannot be left aside when evaluating whether a master's degree is serious or not.

Regarding social proof, we continue to see articles published in reputable media such as

Job vacancy

Undoubtedly, when it comes to training, in addition to cultivating intelligence and developing the ability to answer problems, you also value the economic question. This implies that in addition to receiving a quality education we can also find a suitable job. The Power MBA has implemented a platform on which hundreds of job searches are available. This is a very interesting incentive since it increases the employability of its graduates and ensures a kind of "passive promotion" of their master's degree. Is job account momentarily with only 24 job offers, which makes us see that it still lacks a journey and can be a barrier for many interested parties.

Is it advisable to do this Master?

It certainly does not replace a traditional master's degree. ThePowerMBA is more based on the experience of its professors than on business theory. That is, it will be difficult to see the founder of the aforementioned companies, talking about, for example, how to do the valuation of a business in the same way that Aswath Damodaran would. What is valuable in this type of training is listening to those who have put their business ideas into practice and have succeeded (and also those who have failed). Therefore, we recommend this training to those who have already done some kind of specialization in business.


  • Very intuitive platform that allows you to follow the lessons from any type of device.
  • Content based on success stories and continuously updated.
  • Low price and payment facilities.
  • Access to complementary / additional training to those of the program.
  • Flexible methodology.
  • Administrative support, for example, via WhatsApp, is fast and effective.


  • Lack of interaction in the forums related to each subject.
  • The development of the program is not tutored for each student individually.
  • They do not have an android or apple app.

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Are there other comparable alternatives?

With the recent pandemic, the supply and demand for this type of formation has skyrocketed. There are quite similar alternatives in price. However, we recommend that you evaluate some of the ENEB (Barcelona Business University). First, because they are the same or more affordable in price. Second for they issue an official degree at the end of their programs (ISABEL I University)

Are there free alternatives to masters in digital marketing?

Of course. We know that there are many people interested in starting to train in digital marketing, either to work on it, or to apply it in a personal undertaking. This is why if you are looking for a free master in digital marketing, we recommend that you read the linked article.