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Flickr is a photo social network through which users can share photos with millions of users. At the same time, Flickr serves as an image host.

Flickr Features

Flickr can be used to upload countless photos and videos and classify them into categories. These categories are called tags on Flickr. The service has a keyword search option. With its advanced search you can specifically search for images that can be used as desired or in a limited way by users, since they are licensed under a Creative Commons or public domain license.

Flickr is classified as a community because users can comment on other users' images and photo streams. At the same time, there are RSS feeds available through which users can subscribe to images on specific topics. It is also feasible to add personalized notes to each of the images. This YouTube video will give you an idea of the latest version of Flickr..

Guidelines for loading

In May 2013, Flickr changed the guidelines for uploading photos and videos. Since then, users only have a terabyte of disk space. Images up to 200 megabytes can be uploaded, so dimensions are no longer relevant. Videos are limited to a gigabyte file size, up to 1080p resolution, and up to three minutes in length.

Flickr cost structures

Flickr is generally a free service. There was previously a pro membership that was abolished in May 2013. Since then, community participants have the possibility to use the service at a cost of $49.99 without commercial promotion. Frequent users who need more than a terabyte of space can double their storage space by about $500.[1]

Importance for SEO

Flickr can be suitable as a tool for SEO to some extent. In particular, Flickr was used for link building for some time, where links were established as part of comments and photo albums. After Flickr became aware of this community misuse for link building, it installed the nofollow attribute in many areas. Today, dofollow links can only be determined in Flickr groups. Users can also generate links by granting them the use of uploaded images if they backlink to specific pages in return.

In the past, Flickr has often deleted entire accounts and all related photos when they were obviously being abused. Thus, it is essential to distribute links only sporadically to give the impression of a "real" profile. This includes, for example, the regular posting of new images, the establishment of links in the comments only rarely, and active participation in the community.