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Every year hundreds of professionals look for the best alternatives to specialize within their respective sector. Digital Marketing is an industry in full growth and also with good remuneration if it is specialized.

Taking a master's or postgraduate degree is a differentiating element on your resume  when choosing a job. Taking out the technical, show your motivation and interest in updating your knowledge and deepening in certain areas of the sector. In short, it shows a proactive attitude towards career planning and permanent education necessary throughout life.

The investment pays off with a job more suited to your interests and training. Many centers offer scholarships and grants, as well as grants and credits to access these studies.

In this article we have compiled the best masters in digital marketing in Madrid.

Masters in Digital Marketing in Madrid

Comillas Pontifical University


The University Master's Degree in Marketing (MSc in Marketing) is organized by the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas (ICADE), through the ICADE Business School. Both are widely recognized at the local and European level.
This official program offers specialist training to successfully develop a professional career in the area of marketing, commercial and market research.

The program is taught practically entirely in the English language, since complete proficiency in this language is a necessary condition for entering the labor market and being able to develop within it. The program currently occupies the 41st position of the Masters of its specialty according to Best Universal Master and 4th in Spain according to the Postgraduate World ranking.


With good access it is located very close to the center of Madrid


Its study plan is divided into three quarters:

  • First trimester
    • Training supplements - 8 ECTS (OP)
    • Business intelligence and data analysis / Business intelligence and Marketing analytics -3 ECTS (OB)
    • The consumer today / Contemporary consumers - 3 ECTS (OB)
    • The context of business / Business Environement analysis - 3 ECTS (OB)
    • Marketing and society / Marketing and Society - 3 ECTS (OB)
    • Digital Marketing / Digital Marketing - 3 ECTS (OB)
    • The Laboratory I / The Lab I - 3 ECTS (OB)
  • Second trimester
    • Business models and global strategy / Business Models and Global strategy - 3 ECTS (OB)
    • Brand experience - 3 ECTS (OB)
    • Corporate reputation / Corporate reputation - 3 ECTS (OB)
    • Innovation / Innovation - 3 ECTS (OB)
    • Distribution / Retailing - 3 ECTS (OB)
    • Negotiation and team management / Negotiation and team management - 3 ECTS (OB)
    • The Laboratory II / The Lab II - 3 ECTS (OB)
  • Third trimester
    • Control in marketing / Marketing metrics and performance - 3 ECTS (OB)
    • 3 electives (9 ECTS)
    • Business development / Customer business development - 3 ECTS (OP)
    • Electronic commerce / E-commerce - 3 ECTS (OP)
    • Data analysis for decision making / Advanced analytics - 3 ECTS (OP)
    • Brand valuation / Brand valuation - 3 ECTS (OP)
    • Sectorial Marketing / Sector Marketing - 3 ECTS (OP)
    • The Laboratory III / The Lab III - 3 ECTS (OB)
    • Internship / Placement - 6 ECTS (OP)
    • Master's Thesis / Dissertation - 6 ECTS (OB)
Price and cost of the master in digital marketing

€ 16,530 (VAT included)

ID Digital School


This innovative Master in Digital Marketing from the Camilo José Cela University, which has face-to-face and semi-face-to-face modality, takes place in a central campus in Madrid, Spain. Thanks to its status as an Official Master, approved by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA), it is valid in 49 countries, 27 of the European Union plus 22 others, and allows those who take it to have the option of entering directly to a doctorate.

The Master in Digital Marketing combines theoretical training with a practical approach and is specially designed to facilitate the insertion of students in the professional world of digital marketing, communication and social networks. All students carry out paid internships in one of our many partner companies or institutions. We have the best teachers, both academic and professional.


Near the Alonso Martinez station, north of the center of Madrid, is the headquarters of the university


  • Module 1 - Study of the Digital Environment
    • Digital reality, opportunities, competitive factors and strategy; how to successfully undertake
    • Research applied to the digital environment; surveys, user behavior
    • The new digital media (digital press, blogs and social networks)
    • English specialized in digital marketing
    • Legal and legal aspects of digital marketing
  • Module 2 - Conceptual Framework of Digital Marketing
    • General Marketing Fundamentals
    • Specific concepts of digital marketing
    • The digital marketing plan
  • Module 3 - Development and Management of digital platforms
    • Web design and development, html, most common computer languages, content management
    • E-commerce and online store development
  • Module 4 - Digital Marketing Techniques and Tools
    • Promotion: SEO, Adwords and digital advertising, remarketing, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, viral marketing, mobile marketing
    • Social media management - Online Community Management
    • Digital reputation management - online reputation
    • Web Analytics - Google Analytics and other analytical tools
  • Module 5 - Internships in Companies and Institutions
    • Practices
  • Module 6 - Master's Final Project
    • Development and Defense of the TFM
Price and cost of the master in digital marketing

5.800 € (VAT included)

Spain Business School


Do you want to do a master's degree dedicated to online business? Would you like to train in Digital Business? In that case, Emagister presents you with this Master in Digital Business taught by the prestigious Spain Business School.

Over 12 months you will be able to obtain the necessary knowledge to become a professional in Internet business management and make the most of digital markets. In addition, thanks to its online mode, you can organize the agenda in the most comfortable way, adapting it to your schedules in a totally free and flexible way.



  • Module 1: Fundamentals
    • Technological fundamentals.
    • Legal environment.
    • Fundamentals of Marketing.
  • Module 2: The Digital Start
    • Digital product.
    • Digital consumer
    • eCommerce
    • CRM. Customer Management.
    • Keys to the successful construction of an e-commerce
  • Module 3. Digital operations
    • Digital marketing
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Search engine strategy
    • Email Marketing and affiliation
    • Creativity and Online Advertising
    • General Law of Advertising and Advertising Law
  • Module 4: Strategy and digital content
    • Strategic marketing plan
    • Loyalty strategies
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Content management
    • Monetization of online media
  • Module 5: Metrics and Tracking
    • Web Analytics
    • Online reputation management
    • Advertising in digital media.
  • Module 6: Leadership and Management
    • Entrepreneurial management
    • Entrepreneurship Law
    • Finance for Non-Financial
    • Leadership
    • Efficient presentations
    • Team motivation
    • The art of public speaking
    • Time management
    • Stress management
  • Final project of the master
Price and cost of the master in digital marketing

5.200 € (VAT included)

Postgraduate UEM - Polytechnic School


Specialize your training with this University Master's Degree in Digital Business. The European University of Madrid, through the publication on, presents you with a program that will provide you with an official degree in one of the currently most developed sectors: the world of digital business.

The program is divided into 8 modules. You will be instructed in everything that refers to the online world, its characteristics and peculiarities. Likewise, special attention will be paid to the user, knowing their preferences, analyzing behaviors, in order to develop behavioral profiles to take into account in business. In addition, you will know the latest technologies, as well as the next trends that will invade web pages.

The master's degree lasts for 8 months, starting in November 2013. It is taught in the city of Madrid. Computes a total of 60 ECTS credits. At the end, and after the achievement of the estimated objectives, the Official University Master's Degree in Digital Business will be awarded, issued by the European University of Madrid.



  • Module I. Advanced Foundations of the Digital Economy
    • Analysis of the economic environment
    • The company in the market
    • The new economy
    • Strategy in the new digital economy
    • The virtual value chain
    • Industrial property
    • Product development in the Internet age
    • Culture. The triangle of knowledge
    • The customer in the network economy
  • Module II. Direction and management of digital environments
    • Information in the digital age
    • Managerial skills
    • Team management
    • Organizational models
    • Value creation in the digital age
    • Business models
    • Globalization and glocalization
    • The company on the Net
  • Module III. Strategic direction of digital marketing
    • Business strategy
    • The use of social networks
    • The product in the digital business
    • Analysis of the effectiveness of communication on the Internet. Online advertising
    • Negotiation and management of media on the Internet
    • Digital marketing. Affiliate marketing
    • The company's website. Mobile Internet
    • Communication 2.0
  • Module IV. Advanced Fundamentals of Innovation Management
    • Types of innovation
    • Innovation methods
    • Creativity management
    • Innovation Management. Models
    • Trends in innovation: Internet of Things (IOT)
    • Design thinking
    • Information management for innovation
    • Innovation in microenterprise
  • Module V. Advanced e-commerce fundamentals
    • E-commerce technologies
    • Technological models. Technological infrastructures
    • E-commerce business models
    • Security - IOT
    • E-commerce trends
    • Analysis of e-commerce cases
    • The new distribution channels. Intermediation
    • Electronic commerce environment. Internationalization
  • Module VI. Strategic direction of electronic commerce
    • E-commerce basics
    • Digital business basics
    • Keys to electronic commerce
    • The e-commerce company
    • Marketing management in e-commerce
    • Positioning strategies
    • Evaluation of the adaptation to the e-commerce model
    • Other types of e-commerce strategic direction
  • Module VII. Development of strategic digital business projects
    • How to launch a business in the digital economy
    • Search for opportunities
    • Opportunity management
    • Success stories. Google + Positioning application to The Fresh Market (TFM)
    • The digital company profile
    • Typology of digital businesses
    • Characteristics of new digital businesses
    • Start-up businesses
    • Other digital businesses
  • Module VIII. Digital business entrepreneurship
    • Profile of the entrepreneur in the Red era
    • Starting a business in the Red era
    • Help for entrepreneurs. New business launch platforms
    • New digital business models
    • Presentation of digital companies. Practices
    • Success stories and good practices
Price and cost of the master in digital marketing

11.800 € (VAT included)



The main objective of this course is to provide students with the strategic keys to understand, manage and lead digital change in organizations.
Among other things, through this Master the student will learn to determine the new digital technologies that impact or impact the business, as well as their easements and their potential for application in organizations. As well as to develop a Digital Strategy that allows to enhance the competitive advantages of an organization, and preserve them in the future.

If you want to know all the details about this course, request information and we will contact you as soon as possible to answer all your questions.



  • Module I
    • Digital Technology and Society
    • Digital Impact in the Business World
      Regulation and New Legal Framework
    • Cybersecurity
    • Digital Marketing & Social Media
    • Mobile & Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Projects management
    • Big Data & Analytics
    • eCommerce
    • HR management
    • Management and Directive Skills
    • The Digital Strategic Plan
    • External Internships
    • Master's Final Project
  • Module II
    • Digital Technology and Society
    • Digital Impact in the Business World
    • Regulation and New Legal Framework
    • Big Data & Analytics
    • eCommerce
    • HR management
    • The Digital Strategic Plan
  • Module III
    • Digital Marketing & Social Media
    • Cybersecurity
    • Mobile & Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Projects management
    • Management and Directive Skills
    • External Internships
    • Master's Final Project
Price and cost of the master in digital marketing

9.900 € (VAT included)


It is important that you inquire about scholarships available in all the cases mentioned above, many of these trainings offer a wide variety of scholarships to which you can surely apply. Keep in mind that any savings always come in handy, and that it will help you pay other unforeseen expenses for the master, such as travel expenses or transfers. We hope you find the ideal master for you and we wish you the best to achieve your professional goals

Master esic digital marketing

If what you are looking for is excellence and one of the best masters in Spain, we invite you to read our review of the Master in Digital Marketing Esic . We anticipate it, you will really be surprised what you will find.