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Twitter is a social network on the Internet that allows users to disseminate information in real time. The most notable feature of twitter used to be its limitation of tweets to 140 characters, but in September 2017 it was increased to 280 characters. The only requirement to use Twitter is the creation of a free account.


Twitter contains small pieces of information called tweets. A maximum of 280 characters can be written in a tweet. Hyperlinks can be used in tweets, so Twitter users can post photos, videos, and links directly. If a tweet has been made public, it will be listed in real time on the NewsFeed with the followers (or followers) of the account. If followers like the tweet, it is usually shared using a retweet.

The beginning

The principle of communication between Twitter users is based on following other Twitter users. If you find a Twitter account that provides you with interesting information, you can follow this account. The "person followed" does not necessarily have to follow the follower.

The number of followers that a person or account has can be categorized as a ratio for the familiarity or reliability of an account. The more followers an account has, the more reliable the source of the information that was tweeted.

Among other things, twitter users can also send private messages that can only be read by the recipients and not by their followers. For privacy reasons, accounts can be managed as protected or private, that is, not open to the public. Only followers can see contributions from a protected account.

@ Sign

In order to increase communication between users, Twitter allows dialogue between users. You can use the @ sign to tweet directly to an account.

Hashtags (#)

Hashtag settings have a special meaning on Twitter. Information content topic is highlighted. If a tweet is posted on the topic of SEO, the SEO hashtag (#SEO) can be used to explain the topic. If a hashtag or hash tag topic receives special attention within a country or globally, it is treated as a trending, or popular topic. Trending topics are displayed on the Twitter homepage and in the profile summaries for each account.


Twitter is based on the Scala programming language and uses a framework known as Bootstrap for the user interface. Bootstrap is an open source project and has been released to the public for further development. Incorporating Twitter into web pages and apps is easily feasible through the Twitter API.

Twitter services

To facilitate the use of Twitter, many services are offered on the Internet that allow, for example, the merging of several Twitter accounts or automated responses. The most popular Twitter clients are Twitterrific, HootSuite, TweetDeck, and Echofon.

Company Twitter

Twitter is also increasingly used in companies as a communication tool. The examples have shown that Twitter is an excellent channel for support and information between companies and customers, since response times are in real time and companies can react very quickly to support requests.

Importance for SEO

The Twitter component plays an important role in the discussion about social signals in search engine optimization, since they are real user signals. It can also be used to increase the number of visitors to a website, since Twitter can be used as an additional channel to disseminate information. You can monitor social signals via Twitter using the Fanpage Karma web analytics tool. It is still not sure if the use of twitter has a direct impact on search engine rankings.

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