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I need copywriting!

i need-copywriting

For projects that seek to position organically, you will need a good copy, a text that really "sells" and satisfies the user's search need.

It is usual to think, «I need Copywriting for my project». Many people for reasons of time, prefer to delegate this task.

This is very reasonable, since delegating the writing to a qualified and experienced person allows us to focus on other things, and also rest assured that it will write rough and optimized content.

Why should you hire a copywriter if you can do it yourself?

For many new or low-budget projects, doing it yourself is the only option. This requires incorporating writing skills and spending a lot of time.

Without a doubt, you will be the one who knows your web project, landing page, reviews for Amazon, and affiliate products, and other types of online resources that require good copywriting.

However, the work of a copywriter can demand certain tools and skills for a copywriting with hook, which at the same time is useful to generate conversions.

Keys to good copywriting


The goal of writing is to get the reader to take action.

You want them to buy your product, subscribe to your RSS feed, join your email list, or just spread the word. Before writing your next article, decide what you want your reader to do .


Cut unnecessary words.


"Content" can mean blog posts, reports, e-books, white papers ... anything that provides information that readers want.

Attracting readers with valuable content ("content marketing") enables you to build trust and commitment. Content is not just a way to increase your search engine traffic.


The word "free" continues to attract attention.

Free guides, free e-books, free reports, free samples ... all great ways to make potential customers warm to you. And just because I know that something It's free It doesn't mean they will: make it clear that readers can subscribe to your blog for free to maintain a long-term link.


Readers like to write in a relaxed and conversational way. They do not like to write that it is riddled with grammatical errors. This implies that, at best, you are sloppy, and your potential customers will be postponed.


Many of your potential customers will only read the title of a piece. You can see it in your inbox, on Google's search results page, on Twitter, or in an RSS reader.

Projects that may need copywriting

The number of projects that can use copywriting is very large just to list a few examples, we can mention the following:

  • Web page
  • Blog
  • Landing page
  • Short guides
  • Checklists
  • Infoproducts
  • eBooks
  • Copys for social networks
  • Reviews Amazon, affiliate websites
  • Product and / or literary reviews
  • Email Marketing
  • Opt in
  • Thank you pages
  • And more

These are some of the scenarios in which you might need a Freelance copywriter, or a marketing agency, if you want your project to be effective in relation to your objectives.

If you want us to help you with the writing of seo-optimized text We invite you to send us a message, so we can send you a personalized quote.

How do I get Copywriting for my project?

During the journey of searching for the best copywriting solution, you will surely have found many results and they probably have not been adapted to your needs.

We know them first hand, because when we started we had the same problems. In fact we have received many clients who had this same problem: generation of quality content.

You need to know that not all professionals who work with texts advertise work their newsrooms considering SEO (in this case, keyword selection and find sectors with less competition)

We always bring the best of both worlds together by uniting the creative and technical parts of SEO. Many of our clients in Spain, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia endorse us.

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