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When I started my Blog, if someone had told me about these figures, it would have seemed more like a science fiction movie, and of course, I would have thought that it is very difficult or almost impossible, because the mission of increase web traffic when you start the blog it seems almost an impossible mission

You would be interested in knowing the 20 strategies that have allowed me to obtain more than 1,200,000 visits per month, because if you need to know them in depth buy your ticket for the Raiola Marketing Conference, In the post I will only tell you about some of them.


At the same time you will be able to listen 19 great professionals specialized in all areas of online marketing (SEO, innovation, blogging, strategy, ecommerce, social media, WPO, etc.) such as Luis Villanueva, José Facchin, Álvaro Fontela, Sergio Ramírez, Javier Gobea, Lucas García, Claudio Inacio, Andrés Pérez Ortega, Alejandro Novás, Isabel Romero, Alex Navarro, Raúl Maraña, Rubén Alonso, Fátima Carmena, Maider Tomasena, Miguel Almela, Javi Pastor.

You can follow the event on October 20 and 21 at the Coruña Conference Center or online, since I know that the event is also broadcast in streaming.


I have always been clear that this Blog had to serve me as vehicle to work personal brand, but I never would have thought, even in the best of my dreams, that it would spark so much interest from the marketing community.

Every time I receive a message, mail, DM, thanking me for all the work I do on my blog, and as this learning has helped many people to boost their visibility on the Internet, the truth is that I get "goose bumps ”And I am very excited.

Look for a moment 2 years ago, year 2016 how my results were:


blog visits

They were not bad at all but two years later my blog has continued to grow at an impressive rate, it is as if I did not know its organic ceiling or if I had ignored it.

These are the visit statistics as of today, October 2018.

web traffic october 2018


Now I am going to clarify for you how I managed to reach 1,200,000 monthly visits, and then I will tell you how I intend to exceed 2,000,000 before the end of 2019, I know that it is a rather complicated goal, but it was also to obtain a million of visits therefore I hope within 1 year to be able to tell you, and show you how the web traffic has increased.

[clickToTweet tweet = »Do you know how to increase web traffic by more than 1,200,000 visits per month #SEO #posicionamiento» quote = »Do you know how to increase web traffic by more than 1,200,000 visits per month #SEO #posicionamiento»]

We started ...

How did I get more than 1,200,000 visits per month?

Before going directly to the strategies, we are going to talk about some important aspects such as designing content strategies.


content strategy

Since I do not want to get involved a lot and that post becomes a section of Don Quixote, I will tell you to simplify that what you need is a ROADMAP, without it you are absolutely lost,

Simplifying each of these parts I am going to highlight 3:

1.- Objectives of this qualified traffic that you want to capture. They are key and it is best that you define short-term objectives, medium-term objectives and long-term objectives.

objectives type

These objectives should be SMARTS and that they are objectives that can truly be measured and met within a specific period of time.

2.- Buyer person or buyers people. In fact there are always many buyers people, I do not know of any project that only has a single buyer person, but this definition will affect many of the decisions and strategies that we are going to use, so do not go through it too quickly.

buyer persona

3.- Make a good design of the recruitment landing page.

Important aspects in the design of the landing page:

  1. There must be no LEAKING points.
  2. Make a good design of the product or service file.
  3. Don't use negative messages.
  4. Less is more.
  5. Perform accessibility and usability tests from different devices.
  6. Inverted pyramid structure.
  7. Prepare your landing page for all types of users.


4.- Types of users or readers of a Blog.

  1. Reader 1: The person who does not read scans.
  2. Reader 2: The beginning reader.
  3. Reader 3: The reader of conclusions.
  4. Reader 4: The reader who reads all the content. A true endangered species.


1.- Working my Personal Brand

Someone may come up with the expression "Houston, we have an obstacle."

I say this because what will personal brand have to do with traffic? Has Miguel scratched himself or what is wrong with him?

A priori you may think that the personal brand is not going to bring you traffic to the Blog, because it is a more medium or long-term strategy, but let me tell you that when your brand emerges, the impact will be so great that all your marketing actions will be seen enhanced and amplified.

How to work my personal brand?

You need to have a blog and a presence in at least 3 social channels, to be in a position to start working on the personal brand, if it is web traffic you are looking for, then I would recommend Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to me there are the 3 that they work better for me.

Now I suggest you read my ebook on how to improve your personal brand in just 1 year, and visualize the large number of actions that I suggest.

I know that the human being seeks immediacy, the fast path, but the truth is that experience has taught me to know that work over low heat and with a good strategy is the one that in the end gives the best results.


I also suggest you read

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29 best LinkedIn tools for businesses and professionals


2.- Connecting with good professionals and better people

Some people think that networking is doing an interview with an influencer or exchanging posts with another blogger, but it is not like that, true networking is one with which you form a real friendship with another professional, and this is invaluable. for anyone, but perhaps you think that the time has not come to do it or that you should wait a few months to start doing it, but let me tell you or give you some advice, it starts from the first moment that you intend to make yourself visible as a professional on the Internet.

How do i do it?

1.- In the first moments

Network with young bloggers. If you have just started your blog, I suggest you analyze and find other professionals who have been in the sector for a short time and try to gradually generate a friendship with them, since you must think that these young bloggers over time can be great bloggers, therefore the friendship that you make in the beginning of this professional will be invaluable.

Make a collaborative article with great references. Choose a cool article that generates debate and discussion, so that it has a greater impact, ask for the collaboration of 10 or 12 influential and relevant professionals in that area.

This is a very effective strategy to obtain a great diffusion of my new blog because all the professionals who participate in the article will share them on Social Networks.

2.- When my Blog is 5 or 6 months old

You already need to present yourself in society and present your blog before the best professionals in your sector, for this what you are going to write is a very complete guide and where you dedicate all your work, effort and dedication to obtain a post that generates a wow effect to many of these influencers.

Steps to apply this strategy:

1.- Choose a theme where you want to specialize.

2.- Write a super complete and valuable guide on this topic.

3.- Mention all the professionals that you intend to present your blog and that you intend to make known.

4.- Communicate privately to the professionals you have mentioned. Always privately and without asking for anything in return, our only interest is that they read our content and the value of the content is what speaks for itself.

Example. Hi Jose, I have commented to you in my last posts among the Social Media professionals to follow. All the best! 🙂

3.- When the Blog is 1 year old

Collaborative project. Participate in larger collaborative projects, such as the creation of a course or an info-product, these actions will make us have to interact many hours with these professionals and with this we can strengthen and strengthen a strong bond of friendship.

Launch your first ebook. It is a mistake to launch an ebook when we have just created your blog, and this is so because the impact that we are going to obtain is so low that the result we will achieve will be far from what we expected and this will affect us significantly because we will have dedicated many, many hours to be able to do it.

But when your Blog is one year old, you will already have a community of readers, subscribers and followers on Social Networks, so it will be easier for you to get the ebook known through the Internet and get those results you expected.

I suggest you read:

50 Examples of Goals and Objectives of a company

How to establish the mission, vision and values of a company + Examples

3.- Effective and creative SEO strategy

There are no 2 marketing strategies the same, when we design a strategy in a professional way we have to make a tailored suit for that brand, it is that simple, but I always consider a very important factor to add a large dose of imagination in the SEO strategy, to achieve increase the visibility of our Blog only with our work and effort.

How do we do it?

1.- SEO audit

It is a fundamental part and the starting point of any strategy, before starting to generate content we have to ensure that the technical aspects of our Blog are as optimized as possible.

The best tool to do an SEO audit is Screaming Frog, but I have to tell you that it is a somewhat technical tool and you may be better off starting with another simpler and more understandable audit such as the one of ahrefs.

How to do an SEO audit with ahrefs

seo ahrefs audit






It's very easy, you click on the "Site audit" option in the upper right menu and create a project with the url that you want to audit. Depending on the size of the project, it may take several hours to do the audit, but you will be able to find technical errors that are easy to understand and correct for a person who does not have technical knowledge.


Pay special attention to correcting:

  • Broken external links.
  • Broken internal backlinks.
  • Broken images.
  • Pages with duplicate content.
  • Pages with the same Meta Title.
  • Duplicate meta description.
  • It has no Meta Title.
  • It has no Meta Description.
  • txt has no errors.
  • xml has no errors.

There are many more, but these 10 are the most basic.

2.- Study of Keywords

Within your content strategy, a significant percentage of the content that you are going to produce or generate will have the objective of obtaining visibility in the Google search engine and thereby attracting many visits from the main search engine in Spain and almost all over the world.

A very common mistake when starting a blogger is not to do a keyword study and ignore the main source of current traffic, and this is very sad because over time the content will become invisible and it is as if we put it in a forgotten drawer of our house.

Normally you can make content with different objectives:

  • SEO.
  • Branding.
  • Social Viralization.
  • Subscription.

But now I will focus on the first one, on how to make content for SEO.

Types of content to boost SEO:

  • Contents to obtain a large number of links from other blogs.
  • Optimized content to position in one or more keywords.
  • Contents optimized to position a long tail niche.

Very complete webinar where Rubén and I show you how to make a good editorial calendar for the blog

3.- SEO On Page

Real wonders can be done when making the most of the SEO On PageI even know agencies that only with this optimization achieve great results for their clients, but now the question comes, how do they do it?

I will explain it to you point by point, but it is very easy, almost child's play.


3.1. Loading speed optimization

You must make the most of the loading speed of your Blog, and this is so, because at the same time it is an SEO factor, it will directly affect other values related to the user experience, so optimizing speed we are taking a big step to boost our web positioning.

Analyze your page right now with Google's Page Speed Insights

Tips to get the most out of your upload speed:

  1. Install and configure a cache plugin such as W3 Total Cache.

  1. Optimize to the maximum the images of your Blog. The tool that compresses the most today is TinyPNGYou can use it in its online version or install the plugin you have for WordPress, yes, you will only be able to compress 500 free images per month with the plugin.
  2. Use a CDN like Cloudflare. Free of charge and it will help you improve the loading speed.
  3. Delete and uninstall unnecessary plugins.
  4. They change the plugins that are synchronous for others that are asynchronous.
  5. Analyze the latency time of your server and talk to your hosting company if the time is too high. Normal is about half a second.
  6. Use the Lazy Load plugin and load only the images you are viewing today.


Another alternative that is gaining more and more followers and that is becoming the fashionable cache plugin is WP Rocket, but it consists of a paid plugin, even when I tell you that it is worth the investment, I have it on my blog since 2 years ago I made the change from W3 total cache to Wp Rocket.


3.2 Improve user experience

You must think that you should offer the user precisely the information they are looking for, and that they can enter that information in the simplest possible way, for this, follow these tips:

  1. Avoid long paragraphs and always make a synthesis that makes it easy to read, as well as add easy-to-read lists.
  2. Add a navigation menu that allows the user to find what they are looking for in the shortest possible time.
  3. Summarize the most important ideas of the post in an infographic.
  4. Always place the information in order of importance; the most important always at the top, then the body of the content and the least important at the bottom.
  5. It gives the content a pleasant and entertaining visual aspect, this will make you retain visitors longer.
  6. Try to cover the widest spectrum of users possible, thus reducing the bounce rate as much as possible.

3.3 Make the most of the opportunities of SEO On page content

This part may be the easiest to understand and apply, but it is also very important and an aspect where we cannot fail. Follow these tips:

  1. Make the most of semantics. Always use synonyms and similar words, this will help you index many more keywords, and I assure you that it works wonders.
  2. Density and Prominence. You must pay attention to both values, even though it is certain that the density is the best known. Always use densities between 0.5% and 2%.
  3. Post title. Always include the keyword as far to the left as possible and complete it with a call to action or with words that make up or complete the long tail.
  4. Meta Title. A key and fundamental aspect if you need to position, and where we must include the keyword, but I suggest that you do not use the same title of the article but a different one.
  5. Meta Description. Although this factor is not taken into consideration by the Google algorithm, the truth is that it does influence the number of clicks and CTR, and therefore indirectly if it influences a better web positioning. I suggest you include symbols in the central part to highlight the result.
  6. Start and end. Always include the word in the first 100 words of the content, as well as in the final part of it.
  7. .H6. Choose a coherent and consistent structure, and include the keyword without abusing in these titles and in different positions, sometimes the whole keyword or exactly and other times partially or variable.
  8. Internal backlinks. They are essential because we transmit authority and traffic to other pages of our blog.

4.- How to increase social traffic

how to increase social traffic

Social channels are a "gold mine" when it comes to getting traffic, but now I am going to clarify some of the most effective ways that have allowed me to exceed 60,000 visits per month of social traffic, and I have marked myself as This year's goal is to exceed 100,000 traffic visits from social networks, perhaps it is a somewhat high and difficult goal but hey you have to try ...

I suggest you read:

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4.1. Social Incorporation of the Blog

Integrating a blog with social networks is not putting the buttons of your presence in social networks, but rather it consists of trying to increase social engagement, fundamentally facilitating that your content is shared more easily. For this you only need the Sumome plugin, and install the applications Sharer, Image Sharer and Hightlighter.

After 2 years of use, I stopped using Sumome, and now all the lead capture is done directly with the Thrive Leads tool.


4.2. Increase your readers on Feedly

The Feedly tool is used by many marketing professionals for content curation, therefore if we want more professionals to share our posts we have to get more people to subscribe to our blog in Feedly.

feedly readers

How to increase readership on Feedly?

1.- Inserting a Feedly banner in the Blog.

2.- Reaching an agreement with other professionals.

3.- Carrying out a mention strategy.

4.- Publishing valuable content regularly.

5.- Through the creation of good images and infographics.

6.- Improving our presence in Social Networks.

7.- Inviting your subscribers to subscribe tb to Feedly.

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4.3. Posting to news aggregators (mktfan, marketertop, blogs)

If you manage to get to the front page in a news aggregator you will get a good injection of traffic to your Blog, but it is not from there where you will get more traffic but from social networks, the explanation is very simple, many influencers use the covers of these aggregators to Search for content to share on Social Networks.

If you want to get a cover on mktfan and have many influencers share it on social networks, you need 25 votes.

4.4. Capturing Automatic Twitter

Today my Blog has more than 300 professionals who share their content through Twitter feeds, but can you imagine if there were 1000? How much social traffic could we get a few minutes after publishing an article?

Therefore it is very important to analyze which users use this tool and see how we get them to add our Blog.

Something you should know is that these automatic tweets are also triggered when you update an old article and put the current date, so imagine the juice that can be made of this.


4.5. Increasing the frequency of posting on Twitter

Perhaps this is going to crash a bit but the truth is that since I increased the frequency of publication on Twitter and expanded the time slot, social mentions on Twitter have increased by 400%, reaching more than 1,000 social mentions.

Try it yourself, schedule content spaced at different times but covering a longer schedule and then tell me what the result is.

I start my posting schedule at 8 a.m., and finish at 1 a.m. the next day and start again, being able to publish from 16 to 18 tweets a day, but lately I don't publish anything at all, but it's simply because it doesn't give me life. with so much travel and event.

I suggest you read:

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4.6.- Reaching agreements with other professionals

A good way to increase your reach on Twitter is to reach agreements with other professionals who have good engagement in this social network and publish a daily tweet of their blog, in what way? What I do is propose a weekly calendar with the Tweets already prepared so that it is easier to add them to your weekly schedule.

From this dynamic I have managed to exceed the daily reach of 2 million impressions and my next goal is to exceed 3 million, as well as increase social traffic.

But the key is not to get carried away by a number of followers but by the average of RT and Fv that another follower has.

5.- Increasing your list of subscribers

My Blog already has more than 100,000 subscribers, people who follow my brand through email.

My Blog gets 150-200 daily subscribers.

But how do we manage to increase the list quickly?

  1. Through a course without costs or infoproduct.
  2. Through an online webinar or workshop.
  3. Through an ebook.
  4. By publishing content of great value on the Blog.


6.- Multichannel Strategy

Relying on a single traffic channel can increase the risk of your project, so it may be more advisable to have a multi-channel strategy where we get traffic from different sources or channels.

web traffic channels

In my case, you will see that social traffic (32,80%) has already exceeded organic traffic (26,79%).

The referred traffic is 25,51% and comes mainly from the newsletter and other bloggers friends such as José Facchin, Claudio Inacio and Rubén Alonso, who at the end you will see some of their strategies to obtain traffic.

referred web traffic


7.- Amigo Building

Meeting other professionals in the world of marketing, and particularly other bloggers like you, can be a very positive thing for us to get mentioned in their posts and thus get a lot of referral traffic, this is what I call the "Friend Building" , but do not think that it is something easy to obtain since you will have to determine a real friendship link with these professionals and that takes a long time and fundamentally that it occurs naturally.


8.- One new post and one updated post per week

It is very important to establish an organizational strategy for both new posts that we are publishing, in my case they are generally always Sunday or Monday for the beginning of the week.

And every week I update an old article that I usually do on Fridays.

Now I ask you, what are the posts with the most traffic on the blog?

The new ones or the ones I update?

The solution seems clear, yes, they are the ones that I update, that is why it is as important to update as to publish new posts.

Do not fall into the mistake of thinking that the more content you publish, the more you will increase web traffic because it is not like that.


9.- Easy to apply strategies that always work

Here I am going to clarify 5 simple actions that you can use to find content that you can publish on your blog to get a good boost to traffic.

1.- Analyze the keyword gaps of your competitors. This is very easy to do and is a feature of the SEmrush tools, you add your competitors and it will give you a barrage of keyword and content ideas that you can use in your content strategies.

2.- Better pages. You will find this functionality in both semrush and ahrefs, for me 2 essential tools if you need to increase web traffic.

best ahrefs pages

3.- Analyze high-traffic content. In the top menu of ahrefs you have a functionality called content explorer that is worth gold, it is the tool that has helped me the most to find content that triggers my traffic, my visibility and my conversions.

I suggest you search by title and order by traffic and language.

4.- Optimizing the Snippet. The search result has endless optimization that we must know how to make the most of in order to improve the CTR and with this we manage to capture the largest number of clicks possible.

I'm not going to tell you what kind of words to use, just think and put a pinch of psychology, mystery and intensity to each of your results.

5.- Internal linking. They have a very important power to position any content and yet they are not usually used as well as they could.

Not only do you stay with the typical plugin with similar content, prepare the content with the internal backlinks strategically distributed and manage to shoot the number of page visits per user, you will retain visits for longer and you will bring qualified traffic and link juice.


10.- Busting organic traffic

Today it is the main traffic route and to which I am giving more relevance, first due to its great capacity for growth and because it does not have an established organic limit, since it will depend on your content strategy that you can upload more or less.

In my case at this time, organic traffic represents 60% of total traffic and it is the channel that grows the most by far, I got tired of the restrictive algorithms of the main social networks such as Facebook and Twitter that made the tens of hundreds of visits is basically hundreds of visits.

Here are some strategies that I will quickly summarize and that you will see at the Raiola Marketing Conference.

Long Tail Strategy + Specific Keyword. Widely used at this time both for capturing information traffic and also for capturing transactional traffic.

Strategy Find high traffic niches. In this strategy I analyze interesting niches and evaluate the effort to position it, to see if it is worth the effort with the conversion that I hope to achieve.

Content strategy based on tips. A classic that has been around for many years and is still working and being used at this time.

Modular strategy or IKEA. It is a strategy that you are looking for is to assemble content in phases and by modules, as in the ikea module.

Top 10 analysis strategy. It is a super important filter that decides whether content enters or leaves the editorial calendar.

SEO On Page audit strategy. We have tools today that with a single click you can audit your content.

Analyzing gaps in your competition. This is a very interesting competitive analysis that should be done before creating an editorial calendar.

Strategy of the fantastic 4 or the Pareto principle. This strategy is from my 100% crop and what it comes to tell you is that you only need 4 contents to achieve the objectives of your blog, perhaps today you are saying "What?", But it is a great reality and a mistake where it falls a lot , even when it's sad.

Strategy what users are asking. Fundamental if you need to convert and be successful is to know what users are asking for a certain topic.

Creative launch and sales strategies. This is the part that I like the most about how to design a creative launch and promotion strategy for a product or service.

Strategies to create similar audiences from blog audience. I am testing it this last year and it is giving me spectacular results, at the conversion level of course.


how to increase web traffic infographic


My idea is to continue growing gradually in the different channels that help me how to increase web traffic over 2,000,000 visits per month. I will continue to apply many of the strategies that are described in this post as some that I keep for my future info-product that I am making and that will be available for this Christmas and that will be a free course to increase qualified traffic and improve conversions, I hope that this Christmas 2018 is ready and available.

It is not only essential to know how to increase web traffic but also why, with what objective we intend to do it, this is even more important if possible.

One of the actions that I will continue to work the most is networking with other professionals with whom you can create a "Win To Win" link that benefits both brands.

What is clear is that each blogging professional uses their own strategies and techniques to increase traffic.

I hope this article that I have written in a very personal way helps you obtain and increase your web traffic to unsuspected limits, Believe me when I tell you that if I have achieved it, you can also achieve it, as have other bloggers friends who have thousands of hundreds of visits per month, or who have basically created their self-employment doing what they like the most.


Would you add any more strategies to increase web traffic?

What are the channels that bring the most web traffic to your Blog?


You would be interested in knowing the 20 strategies that have allowed me to obtain more than 1,200,000 visits per month, because if you need to know them in depth buy your ticket for the Raiola Marketing Conference, In the post I will only tell you about some of them.

marketing congress

At the same time you will be able to listen 19 great professionals specialized in all areas of online marketing (SEO, innovation, blogging, strategy, ecommerce, social media, WPO, etc.) such as Luis Villanueva, José Facchin, Álvaro Fontela, Sergio Ramírez, Javier Gobea, Lucas García, Claudio Inacio, Andrés Pérez Ortega, Alejandro Novás, Isabel Romero, Alex Navarro, Raúl Maraña, Rubén Alonso, Fátima Carmena, Maider Tomasena, Miguel Almela, Javi Pastor.

You can follow the event on October 20 and 21 at the Coruña Conference Center or online, since I know that the event is also broadcast in streaming.

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