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An important aspect in any online marketing strategy is to analyze our competition and one of the keys is to know the visits of a website.

Not with the aim of copying or emulating the strategy that they are doing but because we need to make ourselves visible and create strong relationships with other Digital Marketing Blogs in our sector, which help us to make ourselves known and, incidentally, to obtain attract visits to our website or blog.

It is for this reason that I thought it would be nice to make a compilation of the best tools to analyze visits to a web page or blog.

This can be fundamentally very useful to for example publish a guest post and thus be able to get maximum web traffic to our blog.

Something you should pay attention to is that with these tools you will get an approximate data.

The only one capable of having the visits of their own website is the webmaster or blogger who owns the page and clearly accessing Google Analytics.

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Why it is essential to analyze visits from other websites

Before explaining how to know the visits of someone else's website, I would like to emphasize a series of points for which I believe that this analysis of the competition is essential.

1.- To get information about the pages that are taking the most traffic to that site.

2.- To analyze the websites where I would like to publish an article as a guest and see from this dynamic the traffic that we can capture or obtain towards our website.

3.- To see if it is interesting to advertise on a certain website.

4.- To analyze the content strategy you are using.

5.- To analyze the target and focus of the most popular content, in order to get ideas for my website.

6. - When you see the traffic of a website you will be able to know in which channels they are focusing their marketing efforts more and thus analyze in greater depth what actions they are carrying out.

7. - You could even get to know through which posts they may be getting more customers.

#1 SimilarWeb

tool to know the visits of a foreign website

Undoubtedly it is one of my tools to know how many visits a favorite website has, since for free we will be able to enter very complete data on web traffic that tells us:

  • Total visits. Of course, if the page you are analyzing is in the USA you can very well trust the data it offers us, but if you are in Spain, I suggest you divide it in half, and it will possibly be a data that is closer to the real one.
  • Graph of the evolution of traffic in the last 6 months.
  • Pages viewed per user.
  • Average visit time.
  • Bounce Rate.
  • Channels where web traffic comes from.

Analyze web traffic

This last aspect seems super interesting to analyze, since we can know which are the most important channels through which traffic is received on any web page, a real pass.

As you can see, the channel that stands out above all is the organic one, the result of SEO strategy that I am carrying out on my blog.

But we can still extract much more information yet.

Imagine that the traffic from social networks is the one that stands out the most. We can also know which are those social networks that lead the most visits to your competitor.

Social media traffic

That is, knowing these data, what I would do is analyze what actions are being carried out on Twitter and Facebook.

Amazing, right?

And as if that were not enough, we can also know which other pages are the ones that send the most visits to that website.

In short, one of the best tools to know the traffic of a website.

What do you want to try SimilarWeb?

#2 Alexa


An undervalued tool with enormous potential in its paid version and with excellent data also in its free version.

Of course, I have to tell you that before with its free version we could extract more information than now and even when we cannot know the visits of a foreign website, it does give us a "degree of popularity"

That allows us to know how this website is evolving in its sector.

At the same time, we can also know:

  • Know where visits to the web come from, that is, their geographical origin.
  • Analyze the bounce rate.
  • See the number of page views per user.
  • The average residence time.
  • Some of the most important search words.
  • Evolution of searches in recent months.
  • Pages that link to the web.

alexa visits marketing

And we can know all these data for free, amazing isn't it?

#3 SEMrush


Here I am going to give you several examples of Bloggers that I know and are friends, in the case of Ruben Alonso the estimated analysis of visits to your Blog it is very close to the real value.

But there are other cases where the value can be very different from the final one.

But this happens because we are analyzing the estimate of organic traffic that this website has based on the SEMrush database, without paying attention to other sources of visits (direct, social networks, referred traffic, email, etc.)

But now, with a new functionality that they have added, we can also estimate and know the visits of a foreign website.

To be able to enter it you must go to the menu Competitive Research Toolkit and choose Traffic analysis.

Now you only have to write the domain you want to analyze and at the same time you will be able to put up to 4 competitors.

Tool to analyze web traffic

At the same time knowing the traffic of a website you will also be able to know:

  • Unique Visitors
  • Average session duration
  • Bounce rate

But don't ever think that the only thing we can do is know the visits to someone else's website, we are also going to go much deeper and learn about:

Competition analysis tool

  • The traffic channels (direct, referral, organic, social and paid).
  • The geographical distribution of visits.
  • Reference sites
  • Social traffic
  • Destination sites.
  • Subdomains.

As you can see, a new functionality to do an exhaustive analysis of the competition.

#4 Sistrix


With the Sistrix tool we can calculate the organic visibility index and the number of visitors to any web page.

Here you can see the organic visibility of my project as a result of a powerful SEO content strategy.

The downside is that we can only use the tool for free for 15 days and we are obliged to give a real phone number, which I consider to be a strategic error for the company to force request a field as personal as the phone.

Another negative aspect is its price of 100 euros / month, which seems prohibitive to me and is far from the pocket of many professionals.

Does anyone understand the business strategy for this product?

If someone understands it, explain it to me because I really don't understand it.

#5. Ahrefs

A tool that I love for visiting someone else's website in an organic way is Ahrefs.

It is a very complete SEO tool that at the same time has a large database and in this way makes it approximate the organic traffic of a project.

As you can see in the image you will be able to know the organic evolution of the project and also the evolution of the number of positioned keywords.


At the same time, at the top it indicates the estimated organic traffic.

And if in the left part you select Organic Search and Best Pages you will be able to know those pages or posts that lead to the most organic visits to your competitor.

So if you do a deep analysis you can even know how you get customers organically.

#6 Site Worth Traffic


A very simple online tool with which we will be able to get an estimate of the number of unique users who visit our website or blog every day, as well as the number of page views.

Less remarkable is the monthly value that it does not give to that web traffic.

#7  Track Alytics


The truth is that I did not know about this free tool and it offers us more conservative data and below the real statistics, but they can serve as guidelines.

The most interesting data that we can extract from this analysis are daily unique users and page views.

What did you think of the data obtained from your website?

#8 Woorank

estimate visits woorank

This tool allows us to fully analyze the level of SEO and Social optimization of any web page or Blog.

At the same time, it tells us the level of web traffic that page has.

It is not a piece of information that can add much value to us, but it can serve as a guideline if we compare it with other companies in our sector.

By adding something, you can also know where the visits to the web come from geographically.

There are other tools to analyze the visits of a blog or a web page, Google Trends tools, but it only works with very large websites, as far as web traffic is concerned.

But now I would like you to tell me what other tools you know to spy on your competition's visits.

But before finishing I would like to give you some tips and errors that will help you increase the traffic of visits to your website.

tips to increase web traffic

7 Tips to increase your web traffic to unsuspected limits

1.- Make a branding strategy for both your business brand and personal brand

If your brand is influential, you will automatically have to amplify all the actions you take, therefore start improving your brand, and for this, seek and give yourself visibility on the sites of your most popular themes.

2.- Make an effective content strategy

Surely you have heard on a thousand sites that you should make a content strategy and design your editorial calendar, but how do we know how effective our strategy is? What marketing KPIs have we defined?

What is clear is that all content strategies are not equally effective, therefore take the time that is necessary to get it right and obtain maximum efficiency with each content you publish on your Blog.

3.- Social Networks can be a strong ally to obtain visits

There are those who think that with Social Networks we cannot obtain a large number of visits but they are wrong.

In the last 6 months I have doubled my social traffic from 11,000 visits per month to 22,000 visits per month.

Logically, this is also related to a growth in the number of followers on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks.

In my case, Facebook and Twitter attract most of the social traffic, and in your case, which are the most important social networks?

If you still don't have a company Facebook account, I suggest you start creating your page right now. Facebook is a powerful channel to attract traffic from both the fan page and the thematic groups.

4.- Publish in Blogs with a lot of web traffic

It seems logical to think that if we publish posts on blogs in our sector that have many visits, it is very likely that we can obtain a good flow of referred traffic.

Therefore, these tools that we have seen before are great for selecting the blogs where you are going to publish your article as a guest.

Of course, I suggest you write a better post than if it were for your Blog.

5.- Comment on relevant and popular blogs

Commenting on posts on other blogs can be very positive for different reasons; we get visits, we do networking, we improve our brand, etc.

Of course, read the post and write a comment with meaning and well done.

6.- News aggregators are very practical

The aggregators will help you to publicize and disseminate your content on other channels and with another audience and will increase the referral traffic of the aggregator itself, as well as traffic from social networks, and this happens because many professionals use these pages as a curation tool for contents.

7.- Netwoking can triple your web traffic in a few months

It seems complicated to assimilate but networking is one of the most effective tools for marketing and communication, and it can help us to triple our web visits in a few months, the key is to connect with professionals who will help us amplify everything we do.

But I give you some advice, netwoking is not doing something in exchange for something, networking is creating synergies with other professionals who help and provide quality to the relationship or what we know as the "Win to Win".

web traffic errors

7 Errors in the quest to increase visits to your Blog or website

1.- Obsessed with obtaining a specific number of visits

Obsession is never a good thing and we all know what to set goals, but we must also know how to select goals that are realistic and that will not generate uneasiness or frustration.

Go point by point and little by little, do not be in a hurry to run, if you do things well in the end you will have your goal.

2.- Bad content strategy

If we yearn get web traffic We have to know that the most important channel and where most of our visits will come is called Mr. Google, so part of our content strategy has to be focused on positioning ourselves for certain keywords.

You decide what percentage of this strategy will get traffic from the Google search engine, but I do tell you that discarding the search engine can greatly reduce the opportunities of get web traffic.

3.- Get visits that do not convert

Getting visits without any purpose or objective does not make any sense, it is useless to write an article with the "best restaurants to eat sushi", if our blog is on a totally different subject.

So as long as you want to position yourself for a certain term, do it with a purpose or objective.

4.- Little or no presence on Social Networks

A very common mistake is not managing Social Networks correctly, sometimes due to lack of budget and not being able to hire a professional Community Manager, and other times because of poorly selecting a presence in the social world.

Regardless of your reasons, it is important that you plan a editorial calendar on social networks.

Only with strategy results are achieved.

5.- Forget about the building link

It is very difficult to get good web traffic without link building.

You must get other relevant websites of your subject to link you, since this will allow you to increase the authority of your domain and with it will automatically improve all your web positioning in the Google search engine.

The most effective method at this time to achieve this is by publishing an article in another Blog but there are other techniques to achieve it.

6.- Not having a newsletter

If you have a Blog it is very important that you try to obtain as many subscribers as possible, so that later you can send the newsletter every week with all the news of your Blog, and thus obtain visits from email.

7.- Not having a Blog

Is it feasible that in these times that an Internet business does not have a Blog? Are you an Internet professional and you still don't have a blog?

I would like to explain to you that a Blog is one of the best tools to leave your mark on the Internet, both for the brand of a business and the personal brand of a professional.

Currently you can create a free blog from a large number of platforms, so it is something that is available to everyone and we must know how to take advantage of it.

Of course, if you want to invest a little money, I would recommend that you spend about 50 euros a year and have your own domain and professional hosting.

Did you know all these tools to know the visits of a foreign website?

I would like you to leave me a comment if you know any more tools


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