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How to make a good selection of keywords for your website?

We all want to drive more traffic to our website, and while there are many ways to achieve this, one thing you need to prioritize is keywords. As a cornerstone of search engine optimization, it is crucial that you use the most effective keywords throughout your site that connect with the right audience for your business.

This keyword research process can be complicated, but when done right it can have an outstanding impact on your inbound marketing efforts.

4 simple steps to choosing effective keywords

Examine your website as a potential customer

This may seem like an obvious step, but it can be overlooked. When formulating keywords, be sure to carefully choose terms and phrases that closely align with your business, such as common industry jargon or the questions your prospects are asking you. The latter is especially important as more and more Internet users are using speech-to-text technology in their voice assistants (e.g. Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc.) and mobile devices, leading to search terminology. which is more similar to natural.

Try to think of the ways a potential customer would search for your product or service, keeping in mind that industry-related terms and phrases will be primarily what your potential customers are searching for. Having those industry-related keywords targeted will help your content rank for those important keywords.

Understand the long tail keyword

When you begin your research, it is important that you understand that Broad and popular keywords are extremely difficult to rank for and they shouldn't be a high priority. The plong-tail keyword is the logical alternative, combination of three or more words or phrases - however, it will work much better because it reflects how people are searching today (ie "injection molding" versus "scientific benefits of injection molding").


  • «Mechanical workshop»(Unspecific broad word with a lot of competition, but with high search volume)
  • «Peugeot mechanical workshops in Buenos Aires«(Easy to position because there is little competition, however the number of searches is less than in the previous example)

Long-tail keywords help you better specify your website's specific search terms and attract relevant traffic with a higher chance of conversion. Don't be put off by lower search volume with long-tail keywords, as they are much more effective and often come from more attractive prospects. Additionally, geographic identifiers are useful for forming long-tail keywords, as they only attract search engines looking for a product or service in a specific location.


seo buenos aires

Use Moz Keyword Explorer and Google Search Console

While there are several ways to check the ranking of different keywords, Moz Keyword Explorer and Google Search Console are two of the most useful and effective tools you can use to conduct keyword research. If you don't have a Google Webmaster account, registering your site is easy and you can do it. right here .

Once you are logged in, you can access the keywords section in Google Search Console by going to Acquisition >> Search Console >> Queries . This will show you a list of keywords and phrases for which your site is already attracting search traffic, and while some will be encrypted results, it should give you a good idea of your best performing keywords.

Look at your current SERP ranking

Once you've decided which keywords to use, it's important to research your current SERP ranking for those keywords. Moz's keyword explorer can also be used for this, allowing you to use 10 free search queries per month. By looking at the keywords you want to examine, you can see what the top 10 organic search results are, as well as their page authority, domain authority, page links, etc.

If you're already ranking for some Generally speaking, it will be easier to improve your SERP rankings by creating quality content. If you're looking to improve, you need to focus on creating high-quality content around that keyword and its related topics, as well as gaining more links. Using this free online tool will help you quickly identify which keywords to target first.

Doing keyword research can be very rewarding when done right. The amount of time it takes to be most effective varies and is highly dependent on the size of your business.

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