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We create your online platform so that you can carry out training or sell courses online

Features of our online course platform

The courses on our platform are dynamic, engaging, and offer the latest trends in the e-learning industry.

Dynamic forums

Specific forums for private or public courses for its registered users.


Award certificates and custom points for course activities.

Payment gateway

Integrate your courses with Paypal, Mercadopago, Stripe and many more.

Advanced questionnaires

Eight types of questions, custom messages, question banks and MUCH more.

Email notifications

Communication with students and group leaders is a breeze with email notifications.

Detailed reports

Quickly run reports on user enrollment, test progress, and performance.

Benefits and advantages

Savings in training costs

Online teaching for employees

Another possibility is corporate e-learning, which is the application of online teaching to create and carry out corporate trainings.

Know the advantages

Cost savings

To train your employees in the face-to-face format, organizations need adequate physical spaces, such as meeting rooms and auditoriums.

In addition, they must be organized so that all participants are present in the same place and at the same time, which generates transportation costs and difficulties in combining agendas.

Dynamic and easy to consume content

To make the most of the time available for face-to-face training, it is common for companies to use a lot of content in a minimum of time, which is detrimental to learning as it is boring or tiring.

In such a situation, corporate e-learning facilitates the transmission of knowledge.

Employees can access classes from home, at the desk, or even when they are going to work.

Immediate availability

A good practice is to keep some strategic workouts always available, to be used when needed.

The important thing to guarantee the success of this educational format is to align the classes offered to the objectives of the organization and of the employees themselves. Thus, they will understand what they have to gain by doing this training, which increases the chances of making a greater commitment.

Scalable training

If the company continues to add staff, the cost of training per employee drops dramatically. One of the biggest advantages of offline training.

24/7 access

Digital solution

Still not convinced that e-learning is a modern, advantageous and practical way to teach and learn?

Take a look at what the modality has to offer to students, teachers and companies.

For Teachers / Producers

If you have the skills to teach other people, e-learning can be an excellent opportunity to expand your possibilities!

Greater reach

Many professionals in the field of education and content creators are finding in online education a way to reach more people, increase their monthly income or even reinvent themselves in a period of unemployment and few opportunities.

Access to tools

The teacher / instructor finds on the Internet all the technological resources necessary to create, host and share his course with his audience.

In the traditional mode, you would need to rent a room and invest a lot in promotion to attract students, as well as being geographically limited.

No limit of students

If during face-to-face teaching the size of the physical space must be taken into account, when teaching online, classes can have thousands of students without affecting the quality of the class.


Since you do not need to be present in the classroom and can elaborate the content when you have availability. Possibility to work from anywhere in the world (even when you are traveling!);

Growing educational channel

Education according to the XXI Century

Now, let's talk about some advantages of e-learning for buyers / students.

The use of online platforms is increasingly assimilated by users from all over the world

Time saving

Many people are interested in pursuing a university degree or specialization, but end up putting it off due to lack of time, money, or because they live in regions far from educational institutions.

With e-learning, students do not need to travel to a classroom, which helps a lot in saving time. And if the chosen content is worked through podcasts, for example, it is possible to study even on the way from home to work.

Ease of access

One of the positive points of e-learning is that it facilitates access to all types of education.

The student can access classes at home, at work or even while using public transport, they only need to have the Internet available and a mobile, tablet or computer in their hands.

Possibility of interaction

One of the positive points of e-learning is that it facilitates access to all types of education.

The student can access classes at home, at work or even while using public transport, they only need to have the Internet available and a mobile, tablet or computer in their hands.

Freedom of access

The platform is available 24/7. With which, the student has the option of what time he can dedicate to training, without the problems of typical schedules of traditional training

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