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Master in Human Resources Administration + Master in Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and NLP


The Master in Human Resources Administration + Master in Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and NLP prepares you to become a leader capable of managing the human capital of a company or organization at the highest level. Through emotional intelligence, you will gain a better understanding of yourself, which will help you make decisions and make it easier to work with your closest associates.

In this double degree, skills and competencies assessment techniques will be worked on to improve, change and advance communication, train other people for new changes, increase creativity in oneself, resolve conflicts as well as improve management.

This Master will open the doors to increase your job position and be able to lead the human resources department and develop a professional career at the highest level there.

Choose to train at ENEB, one of the most relevant distance business schools in Europe that allows you to train at the highest level, from anywhere and with the daily support of all teachers and tutors.


The double degree Master in Human Resources Management + Master in Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and NLP is aimed at professionals who, from a management position within the Human Resources department, require a high degree of emotional intelligence as well as professionals related to health , justice, customer service and education.


  • Clarify the keys to direct human resources in companies.
  • Apply the most advanced personnel selection and evaluation techniques.
  • Design the essential business strategies to achieve a sense of belonging to a community through human capital.
  • Analyze the relevance of continuous training in the company.
  • Mastering the different administration policies and their coherence with the strategic objectives of the company.
  • Obtain the essential skills and abilities in the field of coaching to achieve the best results.
  • Improve the skills to face daily work and strengthen professionals in their work to support others in their development and social incorporation.
  • Know the meaning and scope of emotional intelligence and its different applications in various disciplines.
  • To know in depth the functioning of the human brain and its implication in the development of emotions and motive.
  • Study the successes of various institutions and apply them to other projects.
  • Be aware of changes in the culture of the company and adapt them to new situations and business requirements.
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The Master in Human Resources Management + Master in Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and NLP enables you to develop your career as Director of Human Resources, Technician in Selection, Training and Development or Personnel Management.


To enter the master's programs, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Be in possession of a diploma, architecture, higher or technical engineering, bachelor's degree, diploma or other identical title.
  • Students pursuing university studies or equivalent higher studies.
  • Professionals with professional projection in the position held.
  • If you do not meet any of the above conditions, contact the school and the admissions department will evaluate your particular case.


At the end of your studies, you will have four diplomas issued by the European Business School of Barcelona approved and certified by the Isabel I University:

  • Master in Human Resource Management
  • Master in Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and NLP
  • Diploma of Specialization in Coaching and NLP
  • Business English Program Certificate

All training programs come with an optional business-level English course, allowing you to function in an international work environment. In the event that you do not follow it, you will have a double degree.

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Discounts, scholarships and special prices

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