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Customer engagement and customer experience are two terms used to measure customer-brand relationships. Although at first glance they seem to mean the same thing, it is not like that at all ...

One refers to the customer's experience and the other to their level of commitment to the brand. But to better understand these concepts, below we will explain in detail what customer engagement is, as well as the definition in Spanish of customer experience.

Only then can you understand how they differ and how to improve your marketing strategy to achieve effective actions. Read on for new ideas to improve your customer engagement metric!

Customer engagement: What is it?

First of all, let's start by knowing what engagement is. Well, it is a metric that measures a brand's commitment to its audience, through interactions and communication between the two.

This gives us a clue to understand what the customer engagment is. Without going any further, it is a metric that indicates the connection that a client has with the company with which he maintains a relationship via social networks or any other communication channel.

Definition of customer engagement:

We could compare customer engagement with the term brand ambassadors. That is, the higher this indicator is, this means that you have connected with your audience and they will be willing to recommend you to third parties as brand prescribers.

Engagment must be worked on and a good level of engament is achieved over time. And that time is what will lead the audience to become a fan of the brand or not.

Note: The customer engagment is more linked to how the customer perceives the brand, what sensations and feelings he feels.

Customer engagement map definition:

The customer engagement map, or also called the customer journey map, is a tool used to show through a map all the stages through which the customer passes from one starting point to another until reaching your service.

In other words, se tries to study each of the steps that the client takes from the first time he interacts with the brand, for example, to the end point you want to mark.

This can be the final purchase or when a customer leaves without completing the purchase. Thus, you will know which part of the process generates more value for the customer and which does not.

Definition of customer engagement lead:

After knowing what the customer engagement map is, you can get an idea of what the customer engagement lead is.

The customer engagement lead measures the perception that the user has that they have shown some type of interest in the brand, but have not yet become a real customer.

By lead, we understand that user who has given their contact information to a company and who, therefore, becomes part of its database.

And what is the customer experience?

Unlike customer engagement, customer experience management is conceived as a metric that indicates whether the customer experience is bad, fair, good, or excellent. Instead, to determine the degree of engagment, terms such as moderate, medium, and high are used.

Here is a definition in Spanish of customer experience that will help you understand it better:

It is about the experience that the customer has during their shopping journey. This includes moments before the purchase, during the decision process and after it.

Important: Having a good or excellent customer experience means that the user has successfully completed their journey; personalized attention, the loading speed of the website is fast, the website is intuitive (among others) and, therefore, loyalty is achieved.

Customer engagement: Marketing ideas

Today, the customer seeks a lasting relationship with brands. They want commitment from them and their relationship to be solid (not punctual).

Users want a business relationship that doesn't seem like one, but is more friendly and close. Key aspect to generate engagement.

Knowing this metric is important to know if the strategies you have applied so far are effective or need to be restructured.

We leave you some notions and ideas to enhance your customer engagement in your business:

➽ The concept of customer engagement in B2B models

Keep in mind that the generic concept of customer engagement or customer experience in marketing focuses on the individual consumer.

However, when we apply engagement and customer experience to the relationship between companies, we would be facing customer engagement in the B2B model.

The B2B consists of the provision of services or the purchase of products that are made between two companies. For more information, you may be interested in:

➽ Customer engagement to improve SEO metrics

To know if your customer engagement is high or not, one of the KPIs that will indicate it will be the time the user stays on the website.

The more time the user spends on the web, it means that he likes what he sees, that he feels comfortable browsing it and is aware that you have the solution to his problem.

Therefore, you will retain users for more time and that will be key to improving your SEO positioning.

➽ Actions to optimize customer engagement

If you need to implement actions to increase customer engagement, we recommend these tips:

  • Increase the level of commitment to your customers by offering them personalized attention.
  • Analyze the customer's experience in their purchase process and optimize it.
  • To do this, detect errors and offer solutions, focusing on simplifying interaction and communication with them.
  • Nurture users with valuable content, depending on where they are in the conversion funnel. Depending on the phase, you will have to set a goal; educate, inform, persuade, showing you care about them.
  • Build more trust by applying content marketing strategies to get leads.
  • Spread your content by email and social networks to humanize your brand and increase your visibility.
  • Help yourself with tools to detect communication problems with users and implement improvements, with the integration of chatbots in your content strategy or the implementation of a CRM that allows you to effectively manage relationships with your customers, such as HubSpot.


Customer engagement and customer experience management are two different marketing terms, but they are closely related to each other. And is that, to have a high customer engagement you need an excellent customer experience.

Knowing the definition of customer engagement or experience, and its differences, will allow you to optimize certain marketing strategies in order to increase engagement with your customers and turn them into true fans.

Reaching this point of complicity with your customers is a great marketing effort that will be worth it because your sales opportunities will increase.

Do you use the concept of customer engagement to measure the effectiveness of your strategies? What do you usually do to increase the level of engagement of your customers?

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