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Windows 10

How to change screen orientation in Windows 10


If you are thinking of buying a new monitor, because the one you have seems shortened, in terms of height you should know that (* 10 *) is not exactly the best solution. Windows 10, allows us to change the orientation of the image, to be able to use a panoramic monitor vertically.

(* 10 *) Using a monitor vertically, It is usually a fairly common resource in fashion stores, to be able to display clothing sets in a larger size and without distractions on the sides. But it is also widely used by application developers, since it allows them to have more code on the screen.

If you are a developer you know this trick and obviously you are using it, but if it is not the case, and you were looking for a larger monitor to be able to visualize your work in a larger screen area thanks to the following key combinations, (* 10 *) you can use any other monitor or the one you use frequently.

  • Flip the screen image: Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow
  • Return the screen image to the normal position: Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow
  • Rotate the screen image to position the monitor vertically: Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow
  • Rotate the screen image to position the monitor vertically: Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow

Windows 10 allows us (* 10 *) to change the orientation of the monitors independently, so we can have several monitors connected to the same computer and each one achieves a different function.

If you usually work with large Excel tables or want to always have the last thing you have written on the screen, use this little trick (* 10 *) is much cheaper than having to buy a monitor larger.

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