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The Programmatic Buying (in Spanish, programmatic buying and selling) refers to the purchase and sale of advertising inventory in marketplaces and corresponding platforms.


The Programmatic Buying is generally associated with Real-Time Bidding, bidding in real time. The term Programmatic Buying establishes the automated purchase of commercial promotion in digital media. Real-Time Bidding it's just a small part of it.

Regarding the platform of the Programmatic Buying different inventories and audience data can be found. Advertisers can select with great precision not only the source of the inventory but also to the public to whom it is directed.



Standard designs make up most of the repertoire available on the platforms of the Programmatic Buying. However, larger inventories have been gradually spreading, which are primarily useful for the branding of large companies. You can even get video formats.


The biggest advantage of Programmatic Buying It is the efficiency with which the advertising strategies are implemented since it can identify the target audience with great precision and in this way, the losses derived from dissemination are considerably reduced. At the same time, it can also be determined based on targeting, past behaviors of a user. Through the Programmatic Buying much higher performance can be achieved.

Relevance for SEO

The Programmatic Buying represents a large part of Online Marketing, ¾ of German advertisers already use the Real-Time Bidding for your mobile strategies.

Given that this is the system used mostly in the USA, it will only be a matter of time before it spreads globally and entrepreneurs in Europe implement it as well.

The procedure has been slowed down a bit due to the lack of transparency of the targeting used. Due to the privacy regulations imposed in Germany, advertisers must be careful with the data collected by third parties: its legality is difficult to prove today.

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