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In this post you will find a complete definition of marketing, what has been its evolution in the last 50 years, as well as the 7 types of marketing strategies that will make your business more visible on the Internet.

I close the post with a list of 20 Digital Marketing Referents that you should follow to learn every day from them.

I have to admit that this post was inspired by the wonderful presentation that my friend gave Miguel Angel Trabado in Congress Raiola Marketing Conference.

Therefore I do not roll over, I hope you enjoy reading this post and if you have any questions or observations, leave a comment at the end.

If you missed my conference on "strategies to increase web traffic to infinity and beyond", here is the presentation.

What is marketing?

Marketing is a relatively young concept. In 1935 the American Marketing Association established for the first time Marketing:

 "Marketing is an organizational function responsible for the processes of creation, communication and generation of added value for the client and the business relationships with them, providing benefits for both the organization and the stakeholders."

In 1985 this definition is revised by the same association:

 "Marketing is the procedure of planning and executing the conception of price, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services to generate exchanges that satisfy both individual and organizational objectives"

To find a new official revision we have to wait until 2007, and it is important to note that in that period we are in full swing of both the Digital marketing as well as Social Media Marketing.

After the respective review and update, the definition is defined as:

 "Marketing is an activity that using instructions and processes of creation, communication, delivery and exchange offers added value to society, consumers, customers and partners"

Marketing history and evolution

The 4 Ps of marketing

ProductPricePoint of sale and Promotion are the four basic items with which the American professor E. Jerome McCarthy defined the concept of marketing in 1960. These four variables, known as "the 4 Ps of marketing", have the ability to optimally clarify how marketing works in a particular way. comprehensive and complete.

The 4 Cs of Marketing

In 1990 Robert Lauterborn, raised the concept of the 4Cs (consumer, cost, convenience and communication) as a part of the evolution and adaptability of marketing in modern times. This concept was widely accepted and is widely used to create marketing strategies.

The 4Cs of marketing are intended to generate a dialogue with the customer, in which the customer is more than a receiver of products. It is no longer enough to give the customer a good product, but we must know what their needs are in order to satisfy them.

The 4 E's of marketing

Christopher Graves was the precursor in 2005 of a new marketing model called the 4 ES, which seeks to adapt the marketing model to the changes introduced in recent years by technological changes, social networks, etc.


Evangelism (Evangelization)



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7 Types of Marketing that will make your business more visible and more profitable

If you think it is a business it can be profitable by applying a single marketing strategy, you are very wrong, if we really want to boost the visibility of our brand we have to apply different strategies through different channels, which is what we know as a multichannel strategy. , to obtain a great profitability from our company.

Search Engine Marketing (SEO and SEM)

Undoubtedly one of the marketing strategies preferred by the vast majority of businesses and that we can divide and categorize into the organic part (SEO) and the advertisement part (SEM).

The first step would be to establish an SEO strategy that will help you gain visibility for your business in the main source of current traffic (Google).

Here is an example of a basic SEO strategy.

Social Media Marketing

Designing a social media strategy will help us create a community of users who follow our brand, and most importantly, to generate more trust and as a mechanism for evangelizing the brand itself.

We must carry out a strategy design according to our objectives a bit and always bearing in mind that we should not obsess over the number of channels where our company or business is going to have a presence, but rather on their quality and correct administration.

Here I show you how to make a Social Media strategy to attract visitors that convert.

Affiliate Marketing

It is a very effective marketing strategy that will help us get more visibility and more sales for our business on the Internet. The procedure and the key to make it work is to select and choose our affiliates very well, that is, to select those sites on the Internet that truly have the best conversion and not always, and in my experience they are those that have the most traffic or community.

How to choose these affiliates?

I'm going to give you a series of tips to select your affiliates well:

1.- Never get carried away by the numbers of users or traffic.

2.- Analyze the interaction of comments on the blog, this indicator will show us the degree of impact that a brand has with its users and therefore is a good indicator when selecting a professional as an affiliate.

3.- Analyze the degree of interaction of the brand in social networks.

4.- Analyze the link between the brand and its subscribers.

5.- Analyze the presence of all the channels that may be susceptible to obtain a sale.


Relational marketing

It is one of my preferred marketing strategies and it is none other than connecting with other professionals in order to carry out a deep evangelization of our brand and obtain that these professionals become prescribers and ambassadors of our brand.

This is something that takes a long time, that is, it is a long-term marketing strategy, but it is truly a great enhancer of all our actions and with which we will achieve an impressive reach.

Now think about the following for a moment. How much time do you spend a day talking to other professionals in your sector?

I dedicate 2 hours a day to it, so that you can visualize a real example of the importance I give to this marketing strategy.

Content Marketing

The contents are necessary for our digital marketing strategy, but you have to be very clear before writing any content what their objectives are and what strategies you are going to use to promote them and get their position on the Internet.

A very common mistake is the excessive generation of content or to think that if I post more times I will get more traffic and more results, but it is not like that.

Instead, draw up an effective, intelligent content strategy with the goal of converting in the medium or long term, never in the short term.

It starts for example:

1.- Study of keywords.

2.- Editorial calendar of the blog with 6 months view.

3.- Analyzing the blogs where you could publish a post as a guest.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very powerful loyalty and sales tool, and with which we will achieve great results if we know how to use it correctly.

An email marketing strategy is not to create an automatic newsletter, that is a very common mistake, think about how to determine a close link with your subscribers and that leads to a better result in the sale.

Also know what are the different stages of sales and sending emails, which ones are more effective and how you can get to generate hundreds of euros in sales in a few hours just by sending an email.

Branding and Personal Branding

You must work 2 things; the brand of the company or business and the brand of all the professionals who work in it, because they will have a direct impact on the business acquiring better customers and increasing sales.

In this Ebook of more than 100 pages you will find 25 strategies to boost your personal brand on the Internet, as well as a good list of tools, tips to follow and some mistakes you should avoid.

20 benchmarks of Digital Marketing that you should follow to learn every day from them

references of digital marketing infographics

Miguel Angel Trabado (@MAtrabado)

A great professional and an excellent teacher and community, despite everything he is in the top 5 of the best marketing teachers in the world.

I suggest you follow his blog because he is a great strategist and has extensive experience in the world of digital marketing.

Luis Villanueva (@ Lu1sma)

One of the great references of SEO and a very active person both on his blog and on his YouTube channel to which he is giving "a lot of cane", publishing high quality videos.

I suggest you follow him to find out the latest news from the world of organic positioning.

Elia Guardiola (@EliaGuardiola)

She is specialized in Specialized in Emotional and Experiential Marketing, as well as in Storytelling.

She is a very active professional both on the blog and on social networks, and you will also be able to see them as a speaker at many national and international marketing events.

Eva Collado (@evacolladoduran)

Strategic consultant for human capital and issues related to personal branding, an aspect that I consider vital and that anyone should develop.

At the same time she is a speaker and writer of a great book on personal branding called #MarcaEresTu.

Jose Facchin (@facchinjose)

He is a great digital marketing consultant, at the same time a teacher and a great communicator. He has known how to work and position his personal brand very well, which has led him to be one of the benchmarks in marketing.

Follow his blog and his social networks and you will learn every day with him.

Claudio Inacio (@ cinacio06)

Marketing and social media consultant, who I have been lucky to have as a student and who has had an impressive evolution in the last 2 years thanks to the good work he has done on his personal brand.

He is very active on the blog and even more so on social networks, therefore do not miss anything from his publications.

Rafa Sospedra (@rafsos)

SEO consultant with several years in this organic positioning and who has his blog very active where he publishes guides of the highest quality.

He is also a professor and speaker at marketing and SEO conferences.

Vilma Nunez (@Vilmanunez)

Great benchmark in digital marketing that is dedicated to helping brands and professionals convert more with their Internet businesses.

She is very active on her blog and social networks, and you will also be able to see her as a teacher and speaker at all kinds of national and international events.

Maria Lazaro Avila (@marialazaro)

Director of corporate development and a great marketing and social media strategist. He combines his work with training and lectures at industry events.

I suggest you follow her blog and also follow her on social networks.

Carlos Miñana (@cminana)

Digital marketing and social media consultant and passionate about sports. He has had a great evolution in recent years thanks to a good job he has done both on his blog and on social networks that have made him a reference point to pay attention to.

Personally, he is a charming person, and he is a good friend of his friends.

Fernando Rubio Smoked (@FerRubioA)

Community Manager specialized in strategic communication and web analytics. I would highlight many values of this great professional but perhaps what I like the most is his simplicity and his knowing how to be, he is a reference to follow both personally and professionally.

He is also a professor and speaker at national international events.

Andres Perez Ortega (@personal brand)

One of the great references of the personal brand in Spanish in the world, for me a true reference of the sector and a great strategist.

He has been working on branding and personal branding strategies for many years. He has several publications, and is a professor and speaker at national and international events.

Franck scipion (@ income2)

It helps many people to create their own self-employment and to live from what they are most passionate about. Just a year ago Franck encouraged me to start my digital journey and quit my office job, and I have to thank him for all the confidence he gave me that helped me a lot to take that step.

One of the biggest references in digital marketing and blogging, and passionate about enjoying his work every day.

Keka Sanchez (@kekasanchez)

Social media consultant, speaker and teacher and a great passionate about the world of marketing and social networks. If you listen to her, you realize in the first second how passionate she is about marketing and her ability to communicate and reach people.

Ruben Alonso (@rubenalonsoes)

Professional specialized in blogging, SEO and self-employment. For 5 years he has lived off his blog and has managed to position his brand in one of the benchmarks of digital marketing.

He publishes every week on the blog and is also very active on Social Networks. Don't lose track of Rubén! 😉

Dean Romero (@ DeanRomero10)

SEO consultant who has one of the most active and current blogs in the panorama and world of organic positioning.

You only have to observe the engagement that their publications have to realize that you are in front of a blog with a lot of quality.

Alfonso Alcantara (@Yoriento)

A great reference in the world of career guidance, HR and professional reinvention and writing of the book #SuperProfesional.

If you are thinking of reinventing yourself in the digital world, you must follow Alfonso and follow his great recommendations.

Maider Tomasena (@maidertomasena)

Great copywriter reference that will help you improve your texts and obtain more income.

With it you will learn to write well and to achieve better results in the sale of your products or services through the Internet.

Javi pastor (@jpastorre)

This copywriter has managed to create his own self-employment in 2 years and has also managed to become one of the benchmarks of copy in Spain.

I always and when I am looking for a copywrite to contact him, because at the same time he does an excellent job, he makes any job or administration very easy.

Bruno Vazquez-Dodero (@brunovd)

Experienced SEO consultant, teacher and speaker at many organic positioning and marketing events.

He is very active in Social Networks, so follow him if you want to be informed of the latest in marketing and SEO.


This post begins with the definition what is marketing, to later explain 7 very effective marketing strategies that you should apply if you are looking to make a project visible on the Internet.

And in the post you will find my presentation of the Raiola Marketing Conference where I show you 20 strategies to increase web traffic, as well as a series of very useful video tutorials, which will help you with the design of your marketing strategy.

And it ends with my recommendation that you follow these 20 references of digital marketing and thus be informed of the latest trends and strategies in the sector.

What marketing strategy would you be interested in adding to the list?

Would you add a digital marketing reference to the list?

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