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From deep darkness to maximum visibility on Google. How We Made Hoogstra Medical Centers Dominate Search Results

The problem

Before the initial diagnosis, the web was only positioned on the first page for 11 key terms within the branch of aesthetic medicine.

During the diagnostic process we realized that the main problem was a high bounce rate. As we could later corroborate this was due to:

  • Indexing uncontrol (pages without content)
  • The content was not written in a simple way for the user / patient.
  • The titles and subtitles were not correctly tagged with HTML.
  • Short duration of session on the web

The results

We can summarize the results so far in:

  • 73% increase in organic clicks in 5 months
  • 112% increase in impressions in the same period
  • 61% increase in conversions (queries made through the web)
  • More than 50 keywords on the first page
  • The rebound rate went from 78% to less than 10%
  • The average session on the web went from 1 minute 10 seconds to 3 minutes

Bounce rate

before the audit
after the SEO plan

The strategy

A full technical SEO analysis of the Hoogstra Medical Centers website was performed and major changes were implemented to fix obvious SEO issues. This included an update on how pages were interleaved internally, fixes to title tags, image file names, header tags, keyword density indexing control and much more.

The essential changes in the landings of each treatment responded directly to improving the user experience. Here the writing of the texts was restructured. Keywords were incorporated into titles and subtitles. The corresponding HTML tags were applied to them. Playlists with videos of the treatments were added within the landing.

From here, it was essential to improve "Domain Authority," a metric that helps predict a website's ability to rank on Google search engine result pages. Put simply, the Domain Authority of a website is based on the number and quality of backlinks that point to it. In short, the more quality backlinks a website has, the higher its ranking will be on Google.

By building relationships with webmasters and business owners in the medical and cosmetic surgery industry, we were able to create content to promote Hoogstra Medical Centers, through guest blog posts, infographics, videos, and other content, including an inbound link to the website of the Medical Center.

It is possible to follow the performance of the web through SEM Rush report

In just a few short months, we were able to position Hoogstra Medical Centers on the front page for over 50 top keywords, including extremely competitive cosmetic surgery phrases.

Organic clicks achieved per month

Before the SEO plan
After the SEO plan

The sweet wait for results

All the aforementioned strategy was carried out for 5 months, establishing priorities and evaluating at each moment what would be the next step to follow.

The first results began to appear after 2 months with a significant jump in impressions. This was telling us that we were on the right track and that if we managed to position ourselves well, the desired traffic would arrive

Here we leave the comparison between the month of March and the month of August

seo case

The comparison between these two months shows us the increase of 73% in organic clicks and 112% in impressions in Google results.

Incorporating new keywords and, in turn, improving the positioning of those words for which we were already positioning, allowed us to reach these numbers.

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