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The Inesem Business School, is an Online Business School that promotes multidisciplinary and integrated teaching, through the application of innovative learning methodologies for a practical application oriented to the world of work.

Why do they choose it?

The INESEM method is directed towards learning based on «case method«. It consists of incorporating the knowledge acquired through its practical application. In this way the student is prepared for the professional reality. Throughout the training, different exercises are presented based on real cases, files, forms, real models, etc.

The method used by INESEM Business School is based on the use of different vocational training resources and new technologies as a basis. Through these two axes, a mainly practical method is proposed in which the student has total freedom of schedules, without geographical barriers and with the possibility of combining study with his personal life.

Is INESEM reliable?

Many interested parties have some doubts about the fact that online courses are offered at such affordable prices. To answer this question we will rely a little on what is known as "social proof." That is, browse through different comment platforms to evaluate what their users think.



Within emagister we can see that the INESEM has received 361 grades with an average of 4.3 out of 5. Which is more than fine. Some of the comments that we can highlight are the following:


Google My Business

Within the Google comment platform we see more than 40 opinions with a modest 3.4 out of 5.


INESEM business school: final comments

If you have still enrolled in any of their trainings, you can do so through the following links:

INESEM Business School

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Alternatives to INESEM

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