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How to mute Google Chrome tabs individually


It is very likely that when you browse with Google Chrome on your computer, have a series of tabs open. This is very common when we use the browser on the computer. Therefore, it is likely that in one of them we are listening to music, as an example using YouTube. At a certain point we can start to have a sound in another tab, which is annoying.

Unfortunately, we don't have a native feature in Google Chrome that gives us the opportunity to mute tabs individually. In this aspect we have to make use of other tools. Even if this is what we want to achieve, there is a way to do it with total comfort.

In the past there was a feature that allowed us to do this in Google Chrome.. Even though the company, for some unknown reason, has chosen to delete this feature in the most recent versions. A shame, because it is something very useful. Luckily we have a browser extension available right now. Thanks to it we have the opportunity to mute tabs individually.


The amplitude is called Tab Muter, which we can find in the browser extensions store, in this link. Its operation is really simple. Since it will show us a small icon of a speaker, so we know that there is sound in that particular tab. When we want to silence it, we will only have to click on the icon in question, so that it remains silent directly and thus be able to use the browser comfortably.

If we long for that Google Chrome tab to make sound again, we just have to click on that icon again. Then the sound will return to him. It is a really comfortable way to be able to have this management of the tabs in the browser individually. So it is important to emphasize using it.

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This is an extension for which we do not have to pay money at any time. At the same time, its use, as you can see, is really simple. Therefore those who want to have a good way to have this opportunity in Google Chrome, this extension is the perfect answer for this.

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