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Stay Time

The residence time or dwell time represents the time that a user stays in a web portal and ranges from when they enter a page until they leave the domain.

This data can be analyzed with the Google Analytics tool. Based on the time a user spends on our web portal, we can measure and review the quality of the content and the web portal.

Relevance for SEO

For many website owners it is particularly important to review this data since it shows whether the content offered by the web portal is interesting enough for the user. However, the time of permanence does not offer specific answers to the changes that must be made, this must be done by the owner of the web portal and it is recommended to review other factors such as design, loading time, quality and quantity of content, etc.

One factor that can cause a low dwell time is the wrong selection of the segment you want to reach. That is, if the content of your web portal does not reflect the search results of the users, they will quickly leave the web portal, Bounce Rate.

The average time of permanence per user in a web portal is 40 seconds. However, if the user creates a link with the web portal, it will tend to stay much longer. Getting web pages with long dwell times is a goal of advertising companies.

Facebook is a perfect example of user retention: in 2012 they reached a turnover of 1,086 million euros through online commercial promotion. This value demonstrates the relevance and importance of the user dwell time.

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