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Spotify is a music streaming service that grew out of the Swedish startup Spotify AB. Spotify allows you to listen to music on your PC, tablet and cell phone without having to download it. As is usual in streaming services, a music file is loaded into the cache so that it can be played directly with the app. Spotify is enabled in the current version as a free service with commercial promotion or as a paid version without commercial promotion.

General information

The music streaming service was founded in 2006 as Spotify AB by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon as an alternative to illegal music downloads. The company is still based in Stockholm and the service is enabled in many countries. In Germany, the market launch was delayed due to rights management, as Spotify offers digital music, which means that Spotify had to purchase licenses from record labels in the first place. As GEMA administers these rights in Germany, there have been lengthy negotiations between the Stockholm-based company and GEMA representatives, which were successfully concluded in 2012.

According to Spotify, artists receive a certain amount per streamed track. Some artists, despite everything, do not make their music available on the music streaming service because the compensation is too low. The Stockholm-based company responded to this criticism with a transparent list of the compensation model. The company was also criticized by data protectionists at first, since it was only feasible to stream the music in connection with a Facebook account. Spotify responded with proprietary software that is downloadable and independent from other programs.


Spotify can be used on different devices. It is enabled as a desktop version and can also be installed on mobile devices. It can also be used in the web browser without having to download an App.

With the free version, the user will hear regular announcements, but you can get a paid account for less than 10 euros a month.

With a Spotify account, users can use various tools to find and listen to their favorite music. Multiple record labels can be chosen, playlists are programmable, or recommendations and discoveries can be used. There are also radio stations available, and Spotify offers its own radio function, in which the most popular songs are played automatically and focused on the user in a playlist. Spotify users can recommend or share their titles via Facebook, Twitter, Blog or through private messaging channels.

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