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URL length

To make it easier for search engine crawlers, each URL should not exceed a certain character limit. The URL length it is a determining factor for the positioning of websites in search results. At the same time, short URLs are generally easier for the user to understand.

Keywords in URL

Google typically recommends using 3-5 keywords in the URL, on the condition that they are relevant to the content on the site. Each additional keyword has a lower value. If too many keywords are used in the URL, Google may consider it Keyword stuffing and penalize the web portal. It is also essential to remember that if parameters are used in the URL, they must be positioned as far to the right as possible.


A dog food web portal describes in its URL the type of food it offers, organic food.

A well structured and not too long URL should look like the following example:

Use of friendly URLs with relevant keywords is recommended.


A URL should not contain more than 2,000 characters so that it can be easily read by the browser. Despite everything, it is very difficult to obtain this. For a URL to appear in the SERPs without being cut it must contain a maximum of 74 characters. A short URL helps increase the number of visits (thus increasing the Click-Through Rate - CTR) and makes it easier for users to share or save it as a favorite.


The CMS automatically create URLs according to preset rules. Who, for example, designs a new online store must plan in advance the structure of the URL. In many cases, the name of the products offered by the store is used directly and, from this dynamic, the URL becomes too long (mainly if criteria such as the color or size of the product are added).


An online store offers men's shirts of the brand “posh”. The customer selects the shirt and chooses size 41 and the color black. The respective URL will be:

To reduce the length of these URLs, the product's HTML page can be embedded directly in the root:

Another option would be to individually filter the URLs so that they can be viewed but not indexed. Therefore, the functionality of the store is maintained and the structure of the URL is not too long.

If you want to shorten the URLs of specific offers or social networks such as Twitter, several functions can be used, such as the URL Shortener.

With respect to OnPage optimization refers, it is recommended to use canonical tags to avoid duplicate content, mainly in online stores.

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