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15 ideas to earn extra money as a student

When you are a student at the same time thinking about homework, exams and parties, you should also think about the expenses you have. If you are one of the lucky ones who should only think about the first thing I mentioned before, I just have to tell you to keep studying and do your best, even though you may not have reached this post 😛

If, on the other hand, you are one of the students who at the same time must work at the same time and look for alternatives to make ends meet, today I am writing to you. In this post I share with you some ideas for earn extra money while you are a student (* 15 *).

As a student, you can do work from home that allows you to organize yourself better, and fundamentally in the moments we live in, they are a great alternative. In spite of everything, you should not forget that there are also other traditional jobs (you will also find them on this list) that will allow you to earn extra money and will also give you experience.

Work and study at the same time, how to combine these tasks?

It is possible to work and study at the same time without dying trying. Many people have achieved it and I am sure that you will also do it.

I'll be honest… it won't be easy and it is possible that many days you will end up very tired. But you must know that everything has its positive side. At the same time from the economic part, Working and studying at the same time will demonstrate your maturity, responsibility and commitment (* 15 *), characteristics that are highly valued by companies when hiring a new employee. Therefore, it will give you extra points when you look for a job later in your career.

Maybe for you it is not an alternative, that is why I want to give you some tips so that working and studying at the same time is not exhausting (* 15 *):

  • Learn to manage your time and privilege tasks. Don't forget to include time to rest, eat, and get some exercise.
  • Set realistic goals for yourself.
  • Find a job according to your needs. As an example, look at the schedules so that it is compatible with your studies. In addition, you should filter by distance, to save time.
  • Leave free time for leisure. Plan your time in such a way that you can have time for yourself and your hobbies, and thus disconnect from studies and work.

After these recommendations, it is time to see what ideas will allow you to earn extra money:

15 ideas to earn extra money as a student

1. Become a private teacher

This is a fairly common student job. You don't need experience but if you have it, it will help you.

You can be a private teacher by going to your student's home, or you can also be online tutor and work without leaving home (* 15 *).

The advantage of this job is that you can organize classes according to the schedule that suits you and thus be able to study at the same time.

What classes can you teach?

You can teach a subject that you know very well, for example: mathematics, history, geography, statistics, etc ... Your students may be students from lower classes than yours and also children.

You can also earn extra money as a private language teacher, if you know another language very well you can teach children.

What about bringing out your artistic abilities and teaching other people? As an example: to play the guitar or ukulele, or to teach dance classes.

To start, the simplest thing is to create a profile on platforms such as SuperProf or TusClasesParticulares.

In this post you will find more information about this idea: Give private lessons

2. Work as a freelance

This word "freelance" is being heard more and more.

You know what it means?

A freelance is a autonomous worker or on their own, working according to their needs and those of their clients. This offers greater independence when selecting projects and also determining a schedule. Therefore, if you are a student you can work on what you like and when you are not studying.

My recommendation is that you come up with services that you can offer and that are related to your studies, from this dynamic you will be able to apply your knowledge and save time. You can also offer services in something that you already have experience.

Any ideas:

  • Design services.
  • Text editor.
  • Translation of texts. Only if you know the language very well, understanding some songs in another language is not the same as translating texts.
  • Audio transcriber. For this you have to have good spelling. I suggest these websites: Transcribe me or Rev
  • Virtual assistant.

At the same time, working as a freelancer also has the advantage of working from wherever you want.

Learn about other advantages and disadvantages of working as a freelancer

3. Sell your notes online

You may be surprised to learn that this is one way to earn extra money when you are a student, but it is real.

Certainly it sounds like you have a classmate who does not take notes in class, but when the exams approach he tries to get them from any of his classmates. Well, like that colleague, there are many others in many other institutes or universities.

If you have your notes in digital format, they are clear and complete, take advantage of them to get extra money and help someone pass that course.

earn extra money

Sell your notes online to earn extra money as a student


There are several platforms where you can upload your notes, as an example:

4. Sell the books you no longer use

In the same way as the idea before, it consists of taking advantage of what you have and that others may need, such as your notes or your books.

Some books we buy during the race are generally expensive and we only use them for a year. If you have been careful with it and it is in good condition you can sell it to another student and thus obtain an extra income. Both of you will win, he saves and you recover part of your spending.

You can also earn extra money by selling other objects that you do not use: clothes, shoes, etc ...

5. Answer online surveys

Taking surveys will help you earn extra money as a student without making too much effort. This idea is simple and you can do it in your free time from your PC or from your mobile device.

It is as simple as registering on a paid survey website and completing as many invitations as you receive.

I suggest these pages:

6. Create your YouTube channel

By now you know that being YouTube can make you earn extra money or it can be your livelihood.

I'll be honest, there are many channels for fashion, makeup, cooking, etc. But those who succeed are the ones who stand out from the rest even though it is a fairly common theme.

Maybe you are interested >>>  The best pages to sell things that you have to know

If you are looking to earn extra money with a YouTube channel, think of a topic in which you feel comfortable and know, think about how you can stand out from the others and create something different, original, fun. Something that everyone wants to see. Ok, it will not be an easy task but you can try.

You can make your videos from home, without spending a lot of money on professional recording equipment. When you have a new video share with your friends and family and ask them to also share.

Some tips if you need to make money with your YouTube channel

7. Create your own products and sell them

Another idea to earn extra money and study at the same time, is to market your creations.

On a marketplace like Etsy, you can create your virtual storefront and start marketing from home.

What can you market?

  • Decoration objects
  • Custom gifts
  • Handmade posts
  • ….

Here are some other craft ideas to market

8. Work as a babysitter or babysitter

This is another of the most popular student jobs with which you can earn extra money.

Many families seek help to care for their children while they work. You could take care of picking them up from school and spending a few hours with them in the afternoon.

Other parents also look for babysitters for when they have an event or basically want to go out as a couple.

In either case, you can offer your services as a babysitter, babysitter or nanny. The hourly rate is regularly set, but maybe someone is looking for ongoing help and offers you a monthly payment.

student jobs

Take care of children to earn extra money if you are a student

9. Animator of children's parties

If you get along very well with children, while being a babysitter you can also expand your services and become an entertainer of children's parties to earn extra money.

You can be the favorite character of that boy or girl who is celebrating, or maybe you want to make all the guests laugh with a clown costume, or maybe surprise them with your magic tricks ...

If you like to entertain the little ones and are willing to wear costumes, then this idea can become a job to earn extra money while you study.

10. Become an au pair

The French term Au pair, means "at par" or "equal to", and is used to name a person temporarily sheltered by a family in exchange for taking care of children. The family takes care of the hosting and the food, and at the same time provides you with a small salary.

In most cases, they are students who want opportunities to be an au pair in other countries in order to learn another language and another culture, without spending too much.

A few years ago I lived in France as an au pair, and my experience was incredible, one of the best in my life. I lived with a lovely family and learned a lot. I came back with a high level of French and very happy to have lived with them because I felt like a member of the family. We are still in contact and when I am close to where they live I go to visit them. Do you want me to tell you more about this experience? Tell me in the comments.

I recommend this idea to you because it enriches you as a person and you learn another language much better and faster.

11. Become a dog walker or sitter

If you want a simple job and you like animals, you can become the dog walker in your neighborhood and thus earn extra money and study at the same time.

I suggest you select well which dogs to walk, because even when it is a simple task It can become quite a challenge if you try to walk 5 German Shepherds at the same time. Contemplate the character of each dog before putting it together with another.

To be a dog walker you must contact your neighbors who have pets and offer them your walker or caretaker services.

You can also create your profile as a pet sitter and / or walker on DogBuddy.

12. Work as a mystery shopper

A mystery customer is someone who goes to a store with the mission of examining the facilities, customer service and other details. Apparently, the workers of said trade do not have to know that you are there to make this evaluation.

To work as a mystery client and earn extra money as a student, you just have to register and send your resume. When there is an evaluation that your profile requires, they will send you an invitation explaining the characteristics of the visit and the remuneration.

The pages in Spain that I suggest:

  • International Service Check
  • High Remark

Are you interested in this idea? Here's more information on working as a mystery customer

13. Work as an extra in series or movies

Would you be interested in being in the next fashion series? Would you be interested in being seen in the next Amenábar movie?

Maybe I have exaggerated a bit ... If you get a job as an extra in a movie or series, you will go a few seconds to the background of a scene in which 10 other people appear ... Sorry, you are not going to rub shoulders with movie stars, but you are going to be able to say that you were in that production. 😉

Working as an extra or as an extra means going out for a few seconds in a scene in the background. If you are lucky, you can say a short phrase or go out in the background with the protagonists. The more appearances you have, the better the pay will be.

To find this type of job, you can do it on job portals by typing "work as a helper" or go directly to the web pages of production companies and see the available offers.

14. Look for a part-time job

Having a traditional part-time job is also another way to earn an income while you study.

As an example, as a waiter you can combine your studies and earn a salary. Maybe the salary is not very high but it is a fixed income.

You can also look for a job as a delivery person, it can be prepared food or other products (flowers, supermarkets, etc.).

Another job that you could do throughout the weekend, for example, is a cashier in a store or supermarket.

working with 16 years

Work as a waiter and combine with your studies

15. Look for paid internships

If you are pursuing a university degree, you can launch into the labor market in search of paid internships associated with your studies.

This is a way to obtain monthly income but in addition to gaining experience by practicing what you are studying, and making contacts.

Universities regularly have a job bank where you can find internship offers, and job portals are a good place to search.


Studying and working at the same time is an additional effort, but it is feasible to do so and have both financial and personal reward. To do this, the key is to organize the time you have at your disposal, be realistic in your goals and in any case, also dedicate time to leisure.

You have already seen, there are several alternatives to work from home (or from your place of study) and earn extra money as a student. There are also traditional jobs that we should not forget. Have you already selected an idea to start? Do you prefer online jobs or lifelong ones? Tell me in the comments 🙂

Do you still need more ideas? So, check out this post with 60 ideas to earn money.

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