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The protagonist of Tenet, John David Washington, acknowledged that it was not so easy to assimilate the plot of the new Christopher Nolan film.

Beginning remains on the horizon of releases for the month of July, although many predict that the film of Christopher Nolan will fall in the last minute. Despite the fact that several countries are moving towards reopening after the pandemic of the new coronavirusJuly seems too early to have such a major release. At the end of the day, a large sector of the population will decide not to go to the movies because they survive the fear of suffering outbreaks of COVID-19.

In past days Warner Bros. He decided to release a new trailer for the movie, which is very difficult to decipher because the story is somewhat complex. In fact, it caused problems for the cast members. The actor John David Washington confessed that the batch of Beginning It was quite a challenge, since at times he had to ask for help to understand it.

Beginning, a movie with a complex story

Tenet would launch on July 17, if it doesn't drop at the last minute due to Covid-19

The protagonist of the film acknowledged that he often went where he was Christopher Nolan to express your doubts. The actor explained that he arrived with questions about the story, especially since there are leaps in time and science fiction resources that made it difficult for him to make sense of certain fragments.

John David Washington He said that the filmmaker was always kind in explaining those points that caused him conflict about the batch of Beginning.

“Every day I had questions (…) He was always very polite and answered them all calmly and patiently. It was extremely important that the actors were able to follow the story correctly in order to convey it in the best feasible way. Nolan was very patient with us, "he said during a conversation he had with Geoff Keighley.

A "revealing" trailer

John David Washington said that every day he had doubts about the movie.

Apart of this, Washington talked about the new trailer for Beginning that came out, which is hard to understand. Despite the fact that the promotional material shows a lot about the film, it is practically impossible to make sense of it or deduce its story. This is due to its complexity, as all this so-called "time reversal" makes things difficult.

«… It's really interesting [the new trailer] because there are little bits of information, breadcrumbs in the movie that amazes me that Nolan I wanted to reveal. I love that he did it, ”he said.

It is the second most expensive film in Nolan's filmography.

Until this weekend Beginning It has a release date for next July 17. It only remains to wait and see if it survives the impact of the coronavirus. In past days Warner Bros. He stated that the original release date will be kept, as long as they can be screened in at least 80% of the rooms that were budgeted for.

In this plot intriguing and complex Beginning, John David Washington He shares credits in this film with actors such as Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Dimple Kapadia, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Clémence Poésy, Michael Caine and Kenneth Branagh, among others.

If you have not seen the new trailer, we leave it below for you to try to deduce the story behind the film. Leave us your impressions in the comment box!


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