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Megadede closes ✅ Alternatives 2021

The website, known for being the heir to Pordede and Plusdede, communicated to all its users where it reports the end of the website. Just two years after the closure of Plusdede, the new streaming download page ends its service, in a few conditions similar to their previous versions.

Megadede has been presenting a whole series of problems with its service.

Megadede lowers the blind without giving great explanations

Registered users of the movies and series portal can see a small statement, attached to the top page of the web. No details are explained in the text nor is it argued for the closure of the website.

The members of the team are forced to announce that in less than a week megadede will come to an end. We hope you have enjoyed this time with us and take the opportunity to download your lists. Thanks for everything #megabye

As we can see, this release explains that you can "download your lists" and many users hope that it will be possible to download their databases with the lists of series and movies. This is a situation equivalent to that experienced with the closure of Plusdede, where a tool to export the list of movies, series and chapters and be able to move to Megadede. Like Hispashare, the web has been forced to end its service for legal reasons


«I understand that the tool will be similar to the one they enabled the previous time, but I think it does not allow to do it with the ones you follow, the finished ones, etc ”, explain the administrators.

Regarding the Megadede mobile applications, they will probably stop working since they are not official of the web, as there is no API access. "We assume that when the server with the database goes down, they will stop having service."

The transition from the original Pordede to Plusdede occurred when a database administrator decided to transfer the information and part of the team left.

According to the current administrators of the web, without access to the database or remuneration, the move from Plusdede to Megadede occurred at the same time they received an email from the owners of the portal telling them that "the Justice in South America ”and that for that reason“ they had sold or transferred the web ”. These two administrators were informed that "the new owners would get in touch again," but with the feeling that in reality despite the name change, those responsible were the same. "We know that some computer scientists worked, apparently there were 5 or 6 between Brazil and the United States," they point out.

What is the reason for the closure of Megadede? "Even being administrators, sometimes we receive and receive information in the same way as users," they explain. unable to justify the decision to close. However, they do point to possible causes.

"I think it must have been a mixture of the web traffic, which has obviously left it to die due to mismanagement, because users cared zero, and a decision without more." The relationship between the community, moderators, the two administrators and those responsible for the website was not fluid. "The owners basically connected like once every two weeks or once a month and for about 5 minutes," they claim.

According to data from Alexa Rank, Megadede is ranked number 72 in the most visited portal in Spain, with a significant drop in traffic during the last months of 2020. "It was not profitable for them to maintain a website like this, when Plusdede was there, apparently the advertising helped them pay for the servers," they explain.

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Alternatives to Megadede and possible spin-off

"Do not be surprised that working as these people do, the database has not been sold or that we even see a spin-off website, like Megadede after Plusdede, etc", the administrators conjecture. It is not ruled out that soon those responsible for Megadede decide to open another portal, with another name but with the aim of re-entering a positive traffic dynamic.

Among the alternatives to Megadede, several have been postulated. From Movidy it is reported that they will be working until 2021 and if Megadede allows downloading the lists of series and movies, could create a mechanism to import them. Another alternative is DixMax, of whom they explain that "there were several hostile takeover attempts while the web was working." Finally there is the recommendation of, simple and practical to find movies.

450_1000-2903885The owners of the website contact them if they are interested in buying the domain or the project.

An additional message appears from the Help and Support section of Megadede. In it, it is stated that «If someone wants to buy the domain or the project, you can send your offers«. As a result of the message, it follows that the owners of the portal are interested in selling the project, but the administrators of the web distrust.

"If they buy or sell, it will be in Bitcoins, the last time the price was about 7 (about 130,000 euros)", they explain, without ruling out that it is a maneuver to get rid of complaints and reappear as if they were new owners.

In a week, Megadede will come to an end and we will have to wait to find out what other download portal takes its place. Joins the list of closed websites together with HDfull me.

Pordede, Plusdede and Playdede ...

If we are one of those who like movies and online series, then surely we have already met Pordede, which was later baptized as Plusdede and which finally returned with the name Megadede. In its beginnings, Pordede positioned itself as a site with a large catalog of movies and series of all kinds that we could watch online for free.

However, in mid-2017, the platform announced that its databases had been hacked and user information was in danger. As a result of there, arose Plusdede as a new stage for Pordede, a site that followed the same philosophy and offered a good number of films and series of all kinds of genres and for all audiences.

But its popularity lasted relatively little, since in September 2018 it announced its definitive closure through a statement published on the portal and that surprised all users since the reasons for the site's closure were not specified.

Is the catalog the same as Megadede's?

At the moment it is not known if Playdede has taken the Megadede repository as a base, although everything indicates that the servers have been created from scratch. In any case, the web catalog is quite extensive as of today, since the portal has been developing for some months.

Can I import my Megadede playlists into Playdede?


Correct. From the platform options we can import the Megadede lists in CSV format to have a history with the series and movies that we have seen in Megadede.

Are registrations open or can they only be accessed by invitation?

From the day of its opening, Playdede keeps the records open to all users who want to access the platform. And is that unlike Pordede and Ultradede, the site does not require an invitation to access the user registry.

Can I access Playdede as a guest?

Unlike Megadede, Playdede requires registration to access the content of the web, so we will not be able to access as guests, at least at the time of writing these lines.

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