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WordPress SEO plugins - two alternatives to Yoast SEO

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All businesses have their standards. Tools essential of certain brands and Models that become the Canyon. And sometimes it seems that there is no life outside the canon.

In the world of blogging and more specifically, in the world of blogging based on WordPress at the same time there are essential tools.

All the websmasters and bloggers they have their favorite tools:

Never drop plugins and themes.

We at the same time have our favorite tools.

Essential tools that accompany us in each project.

One of the undisputed favorites of the house is the mighty Yoast Organic positioning!

As you know, this plugin is a small monster capable of enhancing the SEO on page of your webs.

And we love it.

Because it is free (freemium), Because it is lightweight. Because it has excellent support. And because above all things it more than fulfills its mission. That is why we have dedicated (and will continue to dedicate) a few articles to him.

But we intend to show you more options.

We are completely convinced and practitioners of what they say that In the variety is the spice.

At the same time, that is why we like SEO.

Is that in the world of SEO nothing is stable, everything is changing.

Today something works, tomorrow it is not known.

That is why and because it is good to vary we explain  two plugins for WordPress that will help you in SEO work.

And because yes, there is life after Yoast.

All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack

After Yoast SEO the plugin All in One SEO Pack He is the undisputed popular of the people. In fact, its creators advertise it as:

"The plugin of SEO for WordPress original, downloaded more than 30,000,000 times since 2007 "

As of the date of publication of this article, it has the not inconsiderable figure of: more than three million from active installations. It has been translated into more than 50 languages.

At the same time it has a active user community and collaborators who will be more than willing to give you a hand in case do you need help. We must say that the support forum that the people of the All in One SEO Pack has in the official repository of plugins is one of the most effective and fast.

What could be negative about the AIOSP is that his Graphic interface it is somewhat more tangled than the one offered by the Yoast. That is why at first glance it could seem more complicated. And even scare an unsuspecting person.

But don't be fooled. That apparently convoluted interface hides a world of possibilities.

Once you install it from the plugin repository WordPress and activate it from your desktop you can take advantage of everything it offers.

  • Send a your XML sitemap to google
  • Set up Google analytics
  • Apply SEO in different types of web content
  • Advanced Canonical URLs
  • Compatibility with lots of layout plugins, design and contact forms such as: Elementor, pricing table, contact form and a long etc.
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If you are a Yoast user when you activate the AIOSP you will find the following message:

Yoast SEO plugin detected. Do you want to import your settings to All in One SEO Pack?

The All in One SEO Pack is a highly recommended option for enhance he seo of your page. The excellent volume of information they put at your disposal stands out and they even give you SEO advice. Tips like:

  • Titles should be descriptive.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Use the Google Webmaster Tools.

Sure, they agree with us.


Maybe from SEO SQUIRRLY do not talk much and do not know of its existence. But if monsters of the online marketing how Neil patel (the co-founder of Kissmetrics) recommend it you know it's time to give it a try.

The first that surprise is that this plugin is in constantly updated: a day is normal to find a couple of updates.

That speaks highly of the commitment of their developers for the users / clients.

The SEO SQUIRRLY it is freemium. And even in the free version it allows you to work the SEO on page.

It works with a dynamic quite similar to Yoast: they activate green lights attending to optimizations what do you apply to the text of your page or article.

At the same time we like that you can work with it Squirrly without disabling Yoast SEO, and it is that they do not generate confrontations. And if you don't mind having several active plugins in your WordPress installation, it is a winning duo.

In short the SEO SQUIRRLY is a powerful tool that even in its free version can help you in the optimization tasks of the SEO on page.

Their constant updates stand out. Its huge menu and the promise of content optimization for humans and search engines. What to say about its proud developers is more effective than work done with Google Keyword Planner.

So which SEO plugin to stick with?


We who are loyal users of Yoast are delighted with the possibilities it offers All in One SEO Pack. But we opted to work with Yoast and Squirrly. Like everything, it is a matter of testing.

As we said, in SEO there are no absolute truths. It is a huge world like WordPress. If you want to dominate everything you can sign up to the best online course and in Spanish of WordPress.

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