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What is Enlazator?

Enlazator is a platform created to obtain quality links. Link building seems simple at first glance, but doing link building correctly, without receiving penalties from Google, can be a truly complex task in which there are a lot of factors to pay attention to.

That is why that Enlazator not only does it offer you the opportunity to buy links, but it also provides a whole series of services associated with link building without which any strategy would fail.

To make link building correctly, You don't just need to place links on other sites that lead to your website. You must pay attention to the authority of the sites where you place those links, that the theme of that site is similar to yours, that there is no spam, take care of the anchor text and a whole series of items that, if done wrong, can cause Google to penalize you or that, ultimately, you end up spending more money you get to get.

What is Enlazator for?

Enlazator is a platform used to buy quality links. But not only that, but, through a whole series of complementary services, helps you design your link building strategy according to what your website needs.

The vast majority of tools of this type provide automated links that in many cases are taken for spam. Enlazator, on the other hand, is a service that includes advice and support for personalized link building strategies. The services they offer include:

  • Manual link placement: Links are placed manually by SEO professionals, without automation tools and without spam.
  • Advice and design of link building campaigns: When you purchase one of Enlazator's service packages, you will get in touch with professionals who will review your requirements and determine how many links your strategy needs, on what type of sites, and what would be the best anchor text keywords.
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Links surrounded by text: When inserted manually, in sites with antiquity and authority, the links are inserted in consistent texts, with well-positioned keywords according to your strategy.

Price and Opinions about Enlazator

This tool has a very positive evaluation among those who have tried the service and in the different packages it offers. It is a company with some experience and made up of professionals, so it is a good option to develop a link building strategy, even if you do not have any knowledge in this area.

The service it is paid, and they offer three different packages:

  • Pack 1 (84.95 €): 25 backlinks
  • Pack 2 (159.95 €): 50 backlinks
  • Pack 3 (€ 289.95): 100 backlinks

Alternatives to Enlazator

If you need to examine possible alternatives to this service, we suggest you see the following references when buying backlinks:

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