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Instagram concept

What is Instagram?

Instagram is one of the social networks most recognized of the moment. Bought by Facebook a few years ago on the occasion of its boom in popularity, is characterized by revolving around photography and, recently, to video. It is a network designed for lovers of photos and for those who like to illustrate what they do with graphic material.

Since its launch, it has been in constant evolution to meet the demands of the public, as well as the large companies that take advantage of it to strengthen their presence and get closer to users. It has gone from being a place to upload photos with filters to being a site where you can upload videos, make animations, be creative or even release short stories.

A site full of possibilities that only grows in users and functions. Instagram is part of the vast majority of terminals belonging to users who move on social networks, at the same time being an essential component of the social media strategies of all brands. For these, it is a good place to be known, to launch commercial promotion or even to take advantage of the strengthening of ties and interaction with the community.

One of many tools for companies and the public that are born from the internet and that demonstrate an ideal versatility to launch all types of campaigns. Today, its use is essential, especially if you want to get closer to the younger audience.

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What is Instagram for

Instagram is used to make publications in which multimedia content is the protagonist. From photographs to videos, through montages or animations of any kind, they are made public thanks to its application for smartphones.

For the more professional field, it is a social network that works especially for give visibility to products that want to be promoted. In reality, many firms take advantage of the figure of the influencer to promote their star products through photographs that they take showing their products. It is a new place to carry out campaigns, with a high impact index and results that deserve to be studied.

Instagram examples

The best example to get to know Instagram is to go directly to the social network and take a look at what it contains. Through your website, https://www.instagram.comYou can enter to create a user profile and start taking pictures or follow whoever you want, be it an ordinary person, a company or even a singer or actor.

Even so, the most common use, and the one most favored by this network, is through the application for mobile devices. On both Android and iOS it can be downloaded and installed to use it.

More information about Instagram

If you are looking to learn more about Instagram and get to know it in depth, then we are going to give you several links with more information of interest with which you can expand your knowledge of use, possibilities and other aspects.

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