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Best Pages to see NBA ONLINE Live [+ See Final NBA and All-Star 2021]


Without anyone being able to deny it, the NBA it is one of the best sports in the world. A competition consecrated as one of the most important sports that adds fans in any corner of the world, even though we have to say that in Spain it still seems that it is difficult to find a decent or open broadcast so as not to miss any game. So if you need power see the entire NBA live, we have endeavored to obtain a complete list that will help you find the best pages to watch all NBA games online, also including, of course, the nba final as well as the matches All-star and exhibits.

If you are a fan of the NBA, surely it will have happened to you on some occasion or other to get up at dawn to watch the game live, and how suddenly the page you were on or the application that you had downloaded, ends up hanging and is interrupted the broadcast. We now present you several options through which you can watch the best NBA games in streaming and P2P, both through the computer / PC, via Smart tvas well as through cell phone and tablet (Android and iOs). Without having to pay anything.

At the same time of these the sites to see the NBA, we also add a list with the best free apps for Android to be able to enter the NBA online from the cell phone, the tablet or actually, anywhere.


Ways to watch NBA through the Internet: Watch Basketball Live

Today we can watch NBA Online live and for free and at the same time, without any problem from a computer, a cell phone or Android tablet, without needing to be suffering every two by three, image imbalances that are always repeated in this type of broadcast, since all that is needed is have a good internet connection, which is at least 3 Mbps or higher.

Therefore, we intend to offer you a guide that will help you to see the NBA with very good quality image, even though you have to know that all the forms that you are going to know below, work through the signal of channels that are established outside of Spain, so you have to know that they are sites that use american competition licenses. We cannot forget either the option to watch the NBA online and live through Movistar Plus, which is the official platform to watch the NBA games and its final officially, even when it consists of a paid platform. Of course, it will not be bad for us to remind you that we have alternatives to Movistar Plus.

What are the systems or forms available that we have are:

Streaming: Any website that offers its content via streaming broadcast will be able to broadcast the NBA game live through a browser. For this reason, it will be good to have a browser that has the option to play videos in flash as well as a VPN without costs for the computer. Whether streaming works or not will vary greatly depending on the number of people who have connected at the same time while the meeting is broadcast.

P2P TV: The P2P system makes data distribution viable without the need to connect to a fixed server. Thanks to this, the stability of the broadcast of the NBA game will be higher or better than that achieved with streaming.

NBA League Pass How to watch the NBA online in Spain through League Pass?


If we have to look for alternatives to watch the NBA online and live, and at the same time for free, NBA League Pass it is perhaps one of the best alternatives. It consists of an online service for watch the NBA online in Spain through which we are going to can watch all NBA games live online, as well as deferred, also including the NBA Finals and All-Star.

Features in NBA League Pass broadcasts

  • Broadcasting of the matches live and live offering real-time statistics at the same time
  • It also offers delayed games on demand of the user
  • It has commentaries in Spanish (for the matches that are broadcast on Movistar +)
  • HD picture quality

What NBA games can be seen on NBA League Pass?

  • Regular season games
  • Playoffs
  • NBA Finals
  • All-star
  • Summer league
  • Global Games

On what devices can I watch NBA games with NBA League Pass?

  • computer - PC
  • Mobile (iPhone, Android)
  • Tablet (iPad, Android)
  • Apple tv
  • Chromecast
  • Xbox One

NBA League Pass Options

NBA League Pass allows us to contract between several subscriptions for the current season:

  • NBA League Pass: € 14.99 / month or € 129.99 / year
  • NBA Team Choice: € 9.99 / month or € 79.99 / year
  • NBA Game Choice: € 9.99 / month or € 59.99 / year
  • NBA Individual Game: € 3.99

Do you want to subscribe to NBA League Pass? To subscribe to NBA League Pass click here.

NBA League Pass: The most complete

  • Broadcast of all NBA games, All-Star, playoffs and NBA Finals
  • Multiple matches can be viewed simultaneously
  • € 24.99 per year or € 14.99 / month

NBA Team Choice: To watch the games of your favorite team

  • You can only watch the matches of a single team
  • € 79.99 per year

NBA Game Choice

  • Offer to watch up to 8 games per month
  • € 59.99 per year

NBA Individual Match

  • Offer to watch a single game
  • € 3.99 in a single payment

50% discount for Movistar Plus customers

In the event that you are Movistar + client the service enables us to enjoy a 50% discount on NBA League Pass with the Total Sports, Sports Selection or Premium packages.

Movistar Plus (Movistar +) to watch the NBA online in Spain


Movistar Plus The television platform belonging to Telefónica is one of the best alternatives we have in this country to watch any sporting event or content, especially the NBA, although it broadcasts the NBA games for years if not decades. At the same time, from this 2021 it extends its broadcasting schedules of the matches so that if we miss them live, we can see them in other slots and also in other channels of the platform.

It has been more than 22 years since Movistar (previously through Canal Plus) offers NBA games, which is undoubtedly the best basketball league in the world. Every morning it offers a live NBA game on Movistar Deportes and #vamos. Here you can see all the schedules of the Movistar Plus NBA games.

The channels offered by the NBA are exclusive to the Movistar Plus subscription so that we will only be able to see them if we are subscribed to the platform. You can find more information here. Even though there are also alternatives to watch the Movistar Plus NBA games.

Pages to watch NBA online live in HD

NBA-Stream - Watch NBA Online


NBA-Stream It is the first of the pages that we intend to recommend to you in order to watch all NBA games live and live in HD. But you need to know that this website broadcasts most of the games in the original language, in other words, in English.

NBA-Stream not only broadcasts the NBA, but on this page you can also find the FIBA to access all the information around the world of basketball. The best thing about this website is that Live NBA games are delivered in HD quality Therefore, if you have a good Internet connection at your disposal, it is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives available.


Stream 2 Watch: Sports streams | Watch Live Sports


Stream 2 Watch is the second of the alternatives available for watch the NBA free online live, which at the same time allows us to watch other sports such as football, women's basketball, tennis or cycling (to name just a few) Stream 2 Watch broadcasts all the games of the NBA season therefore you can enjoy all of them without any problem.

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When we enter this website, we see that it has a simple interface, that it has a somewhat dark and very basic background but in no case do you have to believe that it consists of a bad page. In fact, it is one of the best alternatives we have available to watch the NBA or the sporting event that we want. When you enter, you will see how the web has search engine to find the NBA game you want to see quickly It offers the meetings available in advance.


RojaDirecta in Spanish


The third of the alternatives that we intend to recommend is Direct red which is actually the most popular page of all that we have available to watch the NBA for free and live.In its beginnings it became very famous for broadcasting football games for free on the Internet but, little by little, it was adding several sporting events until become one of the indispensable pages when it comes to the sports streaming. In Rojadirecta you will find free NBA games without problem through their links.

Direct red has become over time, a trusted web portal so it will allow us watch any NBA game you want no problem. At the same time, among the features that RojaDirecta offers in its broadcasts, is the power watch NBA games in HD or in the quality that is best or compatible with our device. In the case of having a high connection, we will be able to enjoy the games with a very good quality, while if the connection is low, the quality will be lower, and with this the web will prevent the page from hanging every two by three. Among the "buts" that we can highlight in RojaDirecta is the fact that you cannot see summaries or delayed matches, so in the event that we miss a match, we will have to look for other alternatives.



Live NBA Stream


Live NBA Stream It is also one of the websites That you cannot miss if what you want is to see the NBA live, with good quality and at the same time, for free. A page that at the same time has a design quite similar to the official NBA websites, and that is why it usually attracts the attention of users. Especially you will find in it NBA games online, but at the same time you have a chapter of news, results, livescore and other options that make it an essential website among our recommendations.

Live NBA Stream leaves us at the same time watch NBA games in HDTherefore, all that is required is to have a good Internet connection to truly enjoy all the contents. You have to know at the same time that the language of the comments is usually in English even when some games are offered without narration.


Cricfree - Crickfree


Also among the best pages and applications for watch NBA Online for free we have to mention Cricfree which offers us the opportunity to watch NBA games without problems, while also broadcasting programs dedicated to this competition 24 hours a day. It is one of the best alternatives available that also includes a calendar that will allow us to catch up on any NBA game that is broadcast every week.

Cricfree presents us with a very simple and intuitive interface. With a broadcast quality of matches that is truly acceptable so that it allows us to see any encounter with a stability in the broadcast that is to be offered, since it hardly falls, and in reality, the viewing quality it offers can be compared to that which subscription television channels usually have ( taking into account the connection we have).


My Feed 4 U


My Feed 4 U is a page that was born in 2014 that enables us watch NBA Online and for free no problem. Thanks to this, we will be able to watch the playoffs as well as the regular season games. When we enter we see how the interface of My Feed 4 U is very easy to navigate. In it you will find a list with the events that are being broadcast live at that time, among which are also counted, of course, the American basketball league with very good image quality, so that you can watch the NBA in HD.

My Feed 4 U thus presents us with several options to watch NBA games both in their original language and in Spanish. At the same time, the page ensures that we do not miss the game if we take into account that for each game it offers, it has 10 active links therefore you will be able to see the NBA matches, each one from different platforms.


NBA Stream Online | See NBA Online


NBA Stream Online is one of the last options that we intend to offer you for watch all NBA games live for free. It consists of a page that the NBA offers in a very fluid way that ensures that we can watch all the games without any interruption.

Once we are inside NBA Stream Online We will see how the page design is, although it is quite easy or basic, it does not mean that it is an alternative that is not worth it. What's more, this is a page that offers many advantages so as not to miss the NBA, if we take into account that it offers links to the games up to 12 hours before the game takes place. On the other hand, the broadcast quality in NBA Stream Online is of the standard type so that unfortunately we will not be able to watch the games in HD. At the same time, only the matches are broadcast with comments in English or without comments, but it is without discussion one of the best options to all the previously mentioned.




FirstRowOnly is the last of the alternatives that we intend to recommend for watch the NBA for free online and live, which at the same time can be viewed in HD quality. In reality, all the links available to you allow us to watch the games in HD. It consists of a website that is quite similar to the one mentioned above by RojaDirecta, but we have to say that in its case, the links it offers are from the website itself, therefore we will be able to find the match easily.

Among the main characteristics it has FirstRowOnly highlights the fact that users themselves have the option to publish links to other websites so that they can watch NBA games, therefore we will always enter the games and not only those of the NBA, but also to those of other sports such as the EuroLeague, FIBA, and the leagues of other countries such as Russia or Italy. On the other hand, the design of the entire web is very basic and the comments of the matches are in English.


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