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If you like the Tennis and you want not to miss any tournament you are in the right place. Thanks to the efforts of our technicians we have been able to draw up a list in which we have available for you, the best pages to see all the free online tennis tournaments of 2021. On the Internet we find thousands of options available with which we can watch tennis live, so we advise you to keep reading because we are going to offer you a summary of the best ones. It does not matter what the reason for wanting to use is. Internet to watch tennis because there are alternatives to achieve it, but yes, you have to know that to watch tournaments online It will be something more uncomfortable for you than hiring Movistar + packages. Watching tennis online, it is possible that you suffer the odd misalignment of several seconds in the image with respect to the live one. If this does not matter to you, or it seems like a lesser evil, we are going to offer you several options that are quite interesting and that will help you to see tennis with the highest possible quality. Among these options you will see how we also include pages that broadcast the matches in HD quality.


The-Candy-Shop-co is a page in which we love sports and especially the Tennis that we follow in each tournament that is held, so we have done a good job of research to compile a list that contains the pages for watch Tennis for free and Online, but we have to warn you that they are right on the border between legal and legal. Anyway we have decided to inform you about them because they are available to everyone.

▷ Available ways to watch Tennis through the Internet

Streaming: The web pages that broadcast streaming content are those that offer the live videos. To watch tennis matches on streaming web pages you will need the browser to support flash and we also recommend that you have a FREE VPN installed for your PC. On the other hand, to ensure that the page works without problem, we must also take into account all the people connected at the same time, so that sometimes those same websites if they become saturated, end up limiting their traffic

P2P or peer: P2P or peer networks are those that play videos without having to use fixed servers. These networks work precisely through the PCs that connect to them since they tend to act as clients but also as servers at the same time. This allows a great stability to be achieved on the website and also that the live broadcast of tennis matches is seen very well. Among the most popular P2P pages we can mention Sopcast, Acestream or IPTV among others.

▷ Where to see Tennis 2021

✅ Movistar Plus: Movistar Tennis


The first of the recommendations that we want to make so that you can see all Tennis 2021 it is Movistar Plus that in his sports selection package usually broadcast tennis matches of the most important tournaments of how many are disputed in the world and that also has the channels of Europost 1 and Eurosport 2. Although yes, some tennis matches can be seen on channel #Vamos, What is it gratuitousThe package (regardless of the subscription that we have contracted) has a cost of 10 euros per month, in addition to the 2 Europost channels. In this way you will not have a problem to see the best sport with the most important championships of the season in TENNIS Master 1000, Rome, Roland Garros as well as these that we mention below:

  • The 4 Grand Slam, with Wimbledon exclusively
  • All Masters 1000, including a special follow-up to the Madrid Masters
  • All ATP 500
  • The main ATP 250
  • Masters Tournament

Along with tennis matches, the package also broadcasts the Liga Endesa de Basket Playoffs as well as the Basketball Final Four, as well as other sports such as the Rugby World Cup and the PGA Championship Golf. If you are interested, you can also get Movistar Plus Free.



✅ Eurosport


The second of the options that we want to recommend you for watch tennis live and direct it is Eurosport. A channel that every year usually broadcasts exclusively the 3 Grand Slam, which correspond to the most important tournaments of the year and which are: Australian Open (From 01/14 to 01/27), the Roland Garros (From 05/26 to 06/09) and the Open USA (From 08/26 to 09/08), they also offer some ATP 250s such as Sidney, Brisbane or Doha.You also have to know that within Eurosport you will be able to find several channels and those that usually broadcast tennis tournaments are usually Europost 1 and Eurosport 2 which are also channels that are included in some of the offers of the main paid content platforms that we have in Spain.


Website: EuroSport

✅ DAZN to watch Tennis: WTA

dazn-1-9708355DAZN corresponds to a sports streaming platform It has been available for more than a year in our country where it has been very well received. Recently, DAZN acquired the rights to broadcast the MotoGP races and after this it has managed to take over the main women's tennis tournaments, offering its subscribers all WTA tennis competitions.

See Tennis with DAZN in open and free

The price that DAZN has is 4.99 euros per month although you have the option to view the service for free because, in the same way that the Netflix platform offers with its free month, it offers a trial month without the need to pay anything. All we have to do is register as a user and also add a valid card or payment method.



✅ Tennis on


We also want to tell you about RTVE, which is in fact a television channel that we all have on our televisions and that also has a website through which we will be able to follow all its programming online. RTVE we will be able watch tennis live and direct in HD quality and it is in fact, the only one in which you will be able watch tennis for free Thank you, although it corresponds to the public chain.

Next, these are the tournaments that are broadcast on RTVE.

  • Mutua Madrid Open (From 05/05 to 12/05)
  • Davis cup
  • WTA tournaments
  • Conde Godó Trophy (From 04/20 to 05/28)
  • Federation Cup



Pages to watch the tennis championship online live

✅ BatmanStream to watch Tennis live and direct (ATP and WTA)


BatmanStream is the first of the websites that we want to recommend, since it is a type of website that offers in streaming all kinds of sports content and also, it has been online for a long time and has also become a benchmark for watch tennis online and live. In this way, every weekend we will be able to enter BatmanStream and see all the channels that broadcast tennis live on its interface.BatmanStream It is a website that is among our favorites because in it you will be able to really see all the tennis matches that are disputed. Along with the possibility of watching tennis, BatmanStream is a famous page that broadcasts MotoGP races and football for free, as well as other sports and competitions.



✅ Lacasadeltikitaka | Tennis live and online - ATP


Lacasadeltikitaka is the second of our recommendations. In this case it is a website which has become quite popular for broadcast live any sporting event, including of course, the tennis with very good image quality, so it is a website that we advise you to be among your preferences to watch tennis.Lacasadeltikitaka became popular by broadcasting football matches live but over time they have been adding more and more sports to their offer. As soon as you enter this page, you will find the match schedules so that it will be possible to connect a few minutes before and in this way ensure that the page loads and the content is broadcast without interruptions or interruptions.



✅ CricFree | Watch Tennis live and direct


CricFree is another of the pages that we want to recommend you to watch tennis for free. This is a website that not only offers tennis, but also broadcasts live all kinds of sports such as Formula 1 Online, as well as the NBA, or MotoGP races, ... Once we have entered CricFree, we will see how a series of sections of the sports that it offers, among which tennis is found, appears above. If you click on this section, a list will open showing all the tennis matches. Of course, you have to know that it is a US website so that the schedules will be those of this country so do not get lost with this.



✅ ArenaVision to watch Live Tennis: Acestream Tennis Links


ArenaVision is another of the web pages to watch tennis that you cannot miss. However, you have to know that this is a website that needs that first of all you install a simple plugin on the PC called Acestream that you really need to be able to watch Tennis online or any of the sports it offers.Plugin:

✅ List of Acestream Channels of Arenavisión for your Android mobile Updated

When we have the plugin installed we will see how we can access a list with 42 pay television channels, with which you will be able to watch all tennis matches, along with other sports such as the UFC, football, basketball, as well as the MotoGP races and Formula 1 races ...



✅ Mama HD - Live Tennis


Mama HD is a famous page that we have available for watch sports online and it is also about one of the best pages to watch tennis matches of any competition Live.Mama HD It is a website that will disappoint us, although we will not have to suffer any cut or interruption in the broadcast. This is the link:



✅ DeportesOnline | Live tennis


SportsOnline is another of the available options, and that we want to recommend, in order to watch tennis matches live and for free. In DeportesOnline you will easily find tennis broadcasts, but you can also watch other sports such as football, watch the NBA, and even cycling. Without a doubt, one of the best options available to watch sports streaming and live, so every weekend you will have the opportunity to watch the tennis matches live through DeportesOnline and, also know all the information about the next matches that are going to be played since it offers with a upcoming broadcast schedule.



✅ VIPLeague | Sports in Streaming and online | ATP Tennis Live


VIPLeague It is also one of the best options at our disposal for watch tennis for free so that we will have the option of following the most important tournaments in the world of tennis. VIP League broadcasts tennis live and online every weekend. In addition to tennis, this is a page that will also help us to watch sports, so if you like sporting events don't miss it because you will be able to watch boxing Online, Formula 1 races, and of course , football or basketball, VIP League is also a website that is characterized by hardly having intrusive advertising so that you will not suffer any cuts when watching tennis matches. What's more, registration is not required when it comes to watching tennis matches.



✅ Tennis on Vipbox


Another of our recommendations to be able watch tennis for free it is VipBox Sports which is a site specialized in broadcasting sports Live. A web page that you are sure to know as it has become one of the essentials among internet users to view this type of content.VipBox Sports It is also one of the web pages most reliable on the Internet and it is also one of those recommended by our expert technicians so that we assure you that the 100% is reliable.



✅ FromSport | Watch Live Sports Online


FromSport is also one of the web pages to see the tennis that We want to recommend you although it is better that you use it when the other options that we have offered you fail. It is not that it is a bad page far from it, in fact it always has many users connected so that then it may fail you and that the broadcast of the tennis match you want to see will be interrupted, hence it is not the best of all the pages available for the purpose of watching tennis, however we also have to add that FromSport is a website that also offers you information on when each tennis match is going to be broadcast and in this way we can connect a little before it starts to avoid those cuts that we have mentioned.



❌ TeleFiveGB

This website is no longer available online but we will keep you informed when it is available again.

This is your new website:


❌ CinestrenosTV

This website is no longer available online but we will keep you informed when it is available again.


▷ Best online sports betting houses

  • Bwin
  • William Hill
  • Sportium
  • Luckia
  • Bet365
  • Ace Bets

✅ Wiseplay lists to watch Tennis

▷ Where to watch the Australian Open 2021

The Australian Open is the first Grand Slam of the year and is played in Melbourne at the month of January. The surface on which it is disputed is on concrete, so it is a very fast track.

Where can you see the Australian Open?

▷ Where to see Roland Garros 2021

Roland Garros is played in Paris, France, at the end of Month of May and ends at the beginning of June. The chosen field of play is clay which is the favorite of our tennis player Rafael Nadal, who is the player who has won the tournament the most times in the history of the championship.

Where can you see Roland Garros?

▷ Where to see Wimbledon 2021

The tournament Wimbledon It is the oldest of all and also the most prestigious in the world. This contest is disputed between months of June and December.

Where can you see Wimbledon?

▷ Where to see the Open USA 2021

The Open USA It is played in New York and it is the last Grand Slam of the year to be held between the months of December and September.

Where can Open USA be seen?

▷ Where to see the Masters 1000

Indian Wells Masters

Movistar +

Miami Masters

Movistar +

Monte-Carlo Masters

Movistar +

Madrid Masters

TVE, TDP and Movistar +

Internazionali BNL d'Italia

Movistar +

Canadian Masters

Movistar +

Cincinnati Masters

Movistar +

Shanghai Masters

Movistar +

Paris Masters

Movistar +

▷ Where to see ATP 500 and 250

Movistar is the platform to broadcast the main 12 tournaments of the ATP 500. In this tournaments such as the Count Godó of Barcelona, what will together with RTVE, or major tournaments such as Hamburg, Beijing or that of Dubai.

Eurosport will broadcast a tournament ATP 250:

▷ Where to see the Davis Cup

The Davis cup will be offered entirely by RTVE, and it is the equivalent of the World Cup for tennis.

▷ 2021 ATP Tennis Calendar: Date, time and tournament

February 2021

ATP Sydney 2021

Court 4
06/01 - 12/01

ATP Auckland 2021

01/07 - 01/12

Men's Australian Open 2021

Court 14
01/14 - 01/27


ATP Montpellier 2021

Court Patrice Dominguez
02/04 - 02/10

ATP Córdoba 2021

Court 1
02/04 - 02/10

ATP Sofia 2021

Center Court
02/04 - 02/10

ATP Rotterdam 2021

Center Court
02/11 - 02/17

ATP Buenos Aires 2021

Stage 3
02/11 - 02/17

ATP New York 2021

02/11 - 02/17

ATP Rio de Janeiro 2021

Quadra 2
02/18 - 02/24

ATP Delray Beach 2021

Court 4
02/18 - 02/24

ATP Marseille 2021

Central Court
02/18 - 02/24

ATP Acapulco 2021

Central Court
02/25 - 03/02

ATP Dubai 2021

Court 3
02/25 - 03/02

ATP Sao Paulo 2021

Center Court
02/25 - 03/03

MARCH 2021

Indian Wells Masters 2021

Stadium 5
03/06 - 03/17

Miami Masters 2021

03/19 - 03/31

APRIL 2021

ATP Houston 2021

04/08 - 04/14

ATP Marrakech 2021

Central Court
04/08 - 04/14

Monte Carlo 2021

Court Rainier III
04/14 - 04/21

ATP Barcelona 2021

Track Manuel Orentes
04/22 - 04/28

ATP Budapest 2021

Center Court
04/22 - 04/28

ATP Estoril 2021

Court Cascais
04/29 - 05/05

ATP Munich 2021

Center Court
04/29 - 05/05

MAY 2021

Mutua Madrid Open 2021

Arantxa Sanchez
05/05 - 12/05

Roma Masters 2021

05/12 - 05/19

ATP Geneva 2021

Court 2
05/19 - 05/25

ATP Lyon 2021

Court 2
05/19 - 05/25

Roland-Garros Men 2021

Stade Roland Garros
05/26 - 06/09

JUNE 2021

ATP Stuttgart 2021

06/10 - 06/16

ATP 's-Hertogenbosch 2021

06/10 - 06/16

ATP Halle 2021

06/17 - 06/23

ATP Queen's 2021

06/17 - 06/23

ATP Antalya 2021

06/23 - 06/29

ATP Eastbourne 2021

06/23 - 06/29

JULY 2021

Wimbledon Men 2021

07/01 - 07/14

ATP Bastad 2021

07/15 - 07/21

ATP Newport 2021

07/15 - 07/21

ATP Umag 2021

07/15 - 07/21

ATP Hamburg 2021

07/22 - 07/28

ATP Atlanta 2021

07/22 - 07/28

ATP Gstaad 2021

07/22 - 07/28

ATP Washington 2021

07/29 - 08/04

ATP Kitzbühel 2021

07/29 - 08/03

ATP Los Cabos 2021

07/29 - 08/03


ATP Toronto 2021

05/08 - 11/08

ATP Cincinnati 2021

08/11 - 08/18

ATP Winston-Salem 2021

08/18 - 08/24

US Open Men 2021

08/26 - 09/08


ATP Metz 2021

09/16 - 09/22

ATP Saint Petersburg 2021

09/16 - 09/22

ATP Chengdu 2021

09/23 - 09/29

ATP Zhuhai 2021

09/23 - 09/29

ATP Beijing 2021

09/30 - 10/06

ATP Tokyo 2021

09/30 - 10/06


Shanghai Masters 2021

06/10 - 13/10

ATP Antwerp 2021

10/14 - 10/20

ATP Moscow 2021

10/14 - 10/20

ATP Stockholm 2021

10/14 - 10/20

ATP Basel 2021

10/21 - 10/27

ATP Vienna 2021

10/21 - 10/27

Paris Masters 2021

10/28 - 11/03


ATP Finals Next Generation 2021

11/05 - 11/09

ATP World Tour Finals 2021

11/10 - 11/17