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The BE comes from the acronyms of the words Search Engine AdvertisingCommercial promotion in search engines and it is a branch of Online Marketing that together with the SEO make up the SEM (Search Engine Marketing - Search Engine Marketing).

Commercial promotion BE It is made up of text or image ads found on search engines such as Google or Bing. The ad always appears in the first search results. This type of business promotion is the main source of income for search engines.


SEM vs. SEA vs. SEO

The terms SEO, SEA and SEM they are often used in a non-selective way. Below you will find general information on each concept:


In Spanish: "Search Engine Marketing"
Sum between SEA and SEO. Part of Online Marketing


In Spanish: "Search engine paid commercial promotion"

  • Ads in the form of text or images found on other websites and in the SERPs
  • If the text is optimized correctly it can achieve a good positioning in the SERPs
  • Good control of commercial promotion is achieved
  • Measures to boost traffic and brand image
  • Campaigns can be organized chronologically
  • Many alternatives to choose the desired segment


In Spanish: «Search engine optimization»

  • OnPage and OffPage Optimization measures that aim to improve the positioning of the web portal in search engines
  • Without safe guarantees, an attempt is made to improve the positioning of the web portal for keywords
  • Branding is a part of the SEO strategy
  • SEO is a long-term strategy
  • Evaluations and estimates are made of how to improve the content
  • For the user it is more "invisible"

Objectives of the SEA and main platforms

The BE it is an important part of Marketing and Branding. One of the main objectives of BE is to rapidly increase the number of visits a web portal receives through advertisements in advertising spaces. Mainly it is intended to encourage the user to make a purchase through the advertisement. This is one of the main objectives, to increase Conversion in the form of sales. In addition, advertisements can be used to obtain newsletter subscriptions, downloads, or customer reviews.

Google adwords

Google adwords It is part of Google Inc. that encompasses a very wide spectrum of possibilities in the field of commercial promotion, that is, BE. Ads through AdWords are based on the concept of the auction. Advertisers bet on specific keywords and areas of the ad space.

The following factors play an important role in the final placement of the ad: the quality of the target web portal, the quality of the ad text, the relevance of the keywords and the history you have in the account of Adwords. The commercial promotion in the Google AdWords search engine, whether it is a Banner or in the form of text, will always appear as an advertisement.

The following types of commercial promotion are possible in the Google AdWords search engine:

  • Classic text ad- An advertiser chooses relevant keywords for their ad copy in order to rank high in the SERPs. For this, so-called campaigns are created, which in turn consist of different ad groups. These ad groups are divided into individual ads that are displayed for certain keywords. When the user performs a search with a keyword, the ads that contain that keyword can be viewed.
  • Product Listings Ads- Playlist Ads (PLA) offer the opportunity to change ads directly from a customer-caused file.
  • Amazon: As an option to Google AdWords product listings, you can create ads on Amazon.
  • Display Marketing: made up of image or text ads that appear on the Google network. Registration to this network is done through the Google AdSense platform.

Google adwords offers the opportunity to combine different formats of commercial promotion. At the same time, PLA, text and display ads can be used. Google AdWords is the most used and powerful advertising platform in the world.

With the express program Google adwords, Google offers the opportunity for small businesses to also use the BE without the need to carry out a large advertising campaign. The necessary data is generated automatically by Google. The advertiser only deposits the commercial promotion budget.

Bing / Yahoo Ads

Bing and Yahoo offer their own SEA platform, commercial promotion. Bing and Yahoo ads work in a similar way to Google AdWords. Google AdWords is the predominant online advertising platform in Europe, but to carry out a good SEM strategy it is also recommended to consider the Bing and Yahoo platforms.

Other platforms for SEA

Almost all search engines offer business promotion platforms. Depending on the segment you want to reach, it is interesting for the SEA to use more specific search engines.

If a web portal in Russia wants to be successful, it must, for example, carry out a SEA strategy in Yandex. If an online car product store wants to carry out an advertising campaign, it must, therefore, also place advertisements on the portals specialized in car products.

Accounting models

Budget accounting for advertising campaigns BE is done based on the following methods:

  • CPC - Cost per Click- The budget is based on the price of each click on the ad
  • CPA - Cost per Action- is based on conversion (commission per sale, for example)
  • CPM - Cost per Thousand: cost per 1,000 ad impressions
  • Cost per Call: cost of each call
  • Cost per lead: Depending on the website, additional costs can be agreed for potential customers, such as subscribing to a newsletter or downloading a PDF.

Effects of SEA on SEO

Even though paid commercial promotion in search engines is not considered part of the SEO, the BE greatly influences the positioning of websites in search engines. Therefore the SEA strategy indirectly affects the SEO strategy.

For example, if an online store carries out an advertising campaign and its reach and visibility increase, the image of the brand will increase and also trust in the web portal. Since the update "Vince Update" brand plays a very important role in search results - SERPs.

Indicators such as click-through rate and bounce rate can be obtained through ads and provide useful information for strategy planning BE. One of the direct effects of BE in a web portal or an online store is, for example, the increase of the brand image thanks to the "pass word".

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