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⭐ Advantages of having a LinkedIn Page for Companies

Did you know that a LinkedIn Business Page can help you increase your brand's presence on the Internet?

Company Pages allow you to reach the right professional audience. You can offer customers and prospects a place to find out about your business, your employees, and your brand.

LinkedIn is among the top 5 social media that B2B marketers use for their content marketing activities:

  1. LinkedIn: 97%
  2. Twitter: 87%
  3. Facebook: 86%
  4. YouTube: 60%
  5. Instagram: 30%

(* According to statistics from LinkedIn).

Create a Organic presence

Like facebook and twitter, the content published on LinkedIn appears in Google results, by sharing relevant, useful and attractive content. With a business page you can; Encourage interaction, Help your message spread faster and Organically develop the brand and presence of your company, and your relationships with target customers.

The LinkedIn platform adds value in the following ways:

  • Segmentation. Make your brand and your products known in the early stages of the buying process.
  • Interaction. Position your brand as an opinion leader and generate greater audience interaction with the content while forming their own perceptions and making their decisions.
  • Optimization Motivating the right audience to take action helps you generate quality leads and new business.

The presence of your brand and your content in an organic way

News and trends are great for building relationships with prospects while keeping them informed.
to your current customers. You can take advantage of various resources offered by the platform:

LinkedIn Page for Business

LinkedIn Pages have evolved from optional to necessary. A LinkedIn Page lets you find position yourself in a community of professionals in the world, tell the story of your company and offer clients and prospects a place to learn about your business, your employees and your brand.

Products Pages

Product Pages allow you to create dedicated pages for your top brands, lines of business, initiatives, and products to increase your presence on LinkedIn.

Product pages offer a unique way to interact directly with the right users in a more specialized way. In addition, as with LinkedIn Pages, administrators will be able to monitor performance using dedicated analytics tools, built into the product page experience.

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With an intuitive blogging tool that seamlessly integrates with your LinkedIn profile, you can post new or already published content to LinkedIn to quickly grow your audience and network.


Native video appears directly in your LinkedIn feed as a separate post and allows you to interact with business decision makers throughout the LinkedIn buying process.

LinkedIn Groups

Groups allow professionals in the same industry or with similar interests to share information and experiences, seek advice, and build valuable relationships. They also offer a rare opportunity for your company to establish itself as a thought leader, whether you participate in discussions that take place in established LinkedIn groups or create a company-specific group.

Through the new Groups experience, you and other professionals on LinkedIn can dive into more interesting conversations by posting original videos, images, and multimedia content. In addition, you can start and participate in conversations directly from the main feed, and even reply to comments and share an interesting article without going to the group.

You will receive notifications when someone comments on any of your posts in a group and when users request to join a group that you manage. Administrators will be able to carry out all group management activities from their mobile devices, eg. Eg, send messages to group members, accept requests to join, or delete posts that violate group rules.

Steps to create a attractive organic presence:

  • Fill out your LinkedIn Page to make sure it's an optimal place to display your content.
  • Take a continuous activity approach by regularly posting relevant and engaging content. Share your story by adapting infographics, blog articles, videos, links to events, success stories, guides, and webinars.
  • Integration with common social media management system providers such as Adobe, Hootsuite, Percolate ™, Salesforce, Shoutlet, Spredfast, and Sprinklr, allows you to easily manage your LinkedIn Page.

According to LinkedIn, pages that have all your complete information (description, name, logo, company type, industry, number of employees and location) generate 30% more weekly views than incomplete ones.


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