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Many Windows 10 users find a file named “$ WINRE_BACKUP_PARTITION.MARKER” in their root directory after Windows updates. This file may appear for some users and not for others.


However, users are curious whether this file will appear in their system directory and want to know if its removal is safe or not. In this post, we will tell you if this file is legitimate, safe and important for your system.


This file is typically dropped by the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 and the file size is 0 bytes. WINRE stands for Windows Recovery Environment. In this circumstance, this file can be linked to the Windows 10 restore backup to the previous update. There is no specific information about this file, most of it is user opinion, but one thing is for sure, it is associated with new Windows 10 updates. Most of the users could not find this file on their newly installed Windows system.

This file also exists on machines that did not fail the update. It has nothing to do with updates, although it can appear after an update after attempts to perform operations on a missing recovery partition.

Should I take it off?

Most of the users who tried to delete this file from their system reported that it does not cause any conflict with the operating system or Windows updates. The reason for this is that the file size is 0 bytes and there is almost nothing important. Deleting its file has no effect on Windows startup or updated applications. If we want a final security statement, it is safe to delete this file from your system. There is no specific method to delete this file. Basically you can go to the system directory where this file is and delete it using the default delete method.


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