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[▷▷ SEE FOOTBALL ONLINE] Here you can watch football online in Android mobile and tablet with a selection of the best Applications what can you to download quickly and enjoy the live football matches.

Of among the best android apps what we can download for our mobile devices, perhaps the most sought after, along with free games, are those that allow us to see content and among these, the fact that we have the opportunity to watch football stands out.

Can watching a league match on our "mobile device" or Android tablet is not something impossible. What's more, there are some applications that have high definition quality and that we are going to discover now.


Content that we show you:

The best Applications to watch Football on Android phones and Tablets

Whether you are looking free apps or are you willing to pay for it, watching football on Android phones and tablets is something viable even though the task of finding the best ones is not easy, so we will now give you a hand and offer you the most recommended of all.

Movistar Plus or YOMVI (Movistar+, Canal Plus)


Yomvi is the Movistar Plus streaming platform in which they not only offer series and movies but we can also hire them to see all the matches of the Spanish League, the Champions League and matches from the English, German, Italian, Dutch, Argentine and Brazilian leagues. To download it you must be a Movistar (Canal +) customer and apparently have hiring the League or sports package.

Even though you can get it for free here:

How to watch Canal Plus (Movistar Plus) for FREE on Android cell phone and tablet

Download Movistar + Google Play

Gol Television


Gol Television (GolStadium) is the second payment option between the best apps to watch soccer games on your Android cell phone or tablets. We can see the matches of the Spanish League, Europa League, Premier League, Copa Libertadores, lThe Portuguese, Russian or Belgian leagues. Its price is somewhat more affordable than Movistar.

We can recommend to you at the same time the Download the applications of the television networks, such as Telecinco, TVE or TV3 that broadcast some matches (like the Champions League) and being able to follow online when it's time.

On the other hand, we do have applications that are free and even though perhaps the best known or remembered is RojaDirecta, the truth is that many of its users complain that it is not so easy to watch matches on our "mobile device" or tablet due to to their quality or to the fact that they are not directly found.



UStream It is another application with which you will be able watch football online in your Android mobile device or tablet, at the same time it has video content, and we It makes it possible to follow links that take us to see any match.

Download UStream Google Play



Equivalent to UStream we also have Veetle, a free application that even though it is not designed to broadcast football, it does It allows us to find those channels in which to follow each game.

Download Veetle on Google Play

Real Madrid Live TV


In conclusion, I recommend an app that will delight Real Madrid fans since not only can we see all types of content related to the white team, but at the same time it allows us to access various channels in which to watch their matches. League, Champions League and other content that has to do with news, summaries and its long, award-winning history.



Considered one of the most recommended applications to watch football and other sports content, Wiseplay It has in its favor that it can be downloaded easily from Google Play. 

As soon as you download it you will see that no videos or anything else appear since it is actually a player for all types of video files to which you must enter a playback list in WisePlay. If you add a list from a URL like this ( you will be able to see all the sports content from well-known channels like Bein Sports.

Direct red


Direct red It is undoubtedly the most popular application of all those we can recommend when it comes to finding an app that allows us to watch matches for free.

Even though it has been deleted several times, it always comes back and It is now available on Google Play. We can download it and watch matches from all the leagues but at the same time it also includes access to videos of other sports such as basketball.

Download RojaDirecta


Another recommended application to watch football for free on your Android device that you can download from Google Play and that has more than 420 football leagues and cups from around the world through videos.

In it, however, you will not be able to see live matches, but you will be able to see summaries of the latest matches and videos of those who made history. An application for football lovers who want to recover those moments and at the same time be up to date with everything that happens in this sport.



TVdream is one of the newest alternatives we have to watch football online. In your case it works like many other applications that allows you to watch channels from all over the world, so you can also access those that are dedicated to sports, even though you may find that some are paid. Of course, it has an easy-to-use interface, a search engine that runs very fast and once you know which channel is showing the match you want to see, you will surely be able to follow it live without any problem.

LIBREDIRECTOGP – Watch football for free on Android


With this other application you will be able to watch matches, even if not in it itself, and at the same time, be up to date with the matches that are being played.

As soon as we download LibredirectoGP on our Android device, we can open it to check what appears a simple interface in which there is a list with all the games that are going to be played. Select the one that interests you and even though the application will not open the video, you will be able to access external links that will allow you to watch the match in question.

Download Free Direct GP


With Football Live you will be able to enjoy free and live football 24 hours a day since this application, although simple, is one of the most complete that we find at this time to follow football online.

Outside of power watch the Spanish League matches, you will also be able to enter other tournaments and leagues around the world, whether in Europe or Latin America.

Free Android Soccer


In the Google Play search engine we find this other application that also has the best to watch matches from around the world online and for free. In your case, appears with a very well-organized interface in which a list appears with all the matches that are being played at that same moment, or those that will be played shortly.

Select the match that interests you and you will have access to it, being able to watch it in several links so that if one fails you can choose another and continue watching your match.



Sopcast, on the other hand, has its own link through its website so that to download the application you must access its page (you will not find it on Google Play) and click on its download link.

In a few minutes you will be able to see all the matches of the BBVA league and those of many other leagues and not only that, but at the same time we will be able to see many other sports including even the NBA games.

Download Sopcast

Splive TV


Splive TV was for a time a "revolution" when it came to applications to watch football online for free and is still highly recommended. It is easy to use and the best of all is that it includes not only matches from broadcast networks, but It also offers matches from leagues that are only offered on pay channels.

Download Splive TV

sport TV Live – Television


Another of the applications that we would like to recommend is Sport TV Live, which is distinguished by having a very simple interface so that in a few seconds we will Being able to enter all the matches in the European leagues easily. 



Live streaming is the order of the day and Livestream is an application that many use to watch matches live on their Android devices for free. It is an open and free application that works from the users connected to it.

With this we gain what we will be able to find all the league games and more for free, Even though sometimes (and that is the only "but"), its broadcast quality is not as good as we would like.



If you need an application that is one of the most recommended among the paid ones, this would perhaps be the best of all. For many it will be something you have to fight against. be subscribed as a member to access its contents, but the truth is that these are many and you are assured that you will be able to follow all the soccer games that you will not otherwise find so easily.



To finish the application or the ESPN player, one of the most popular networks dedicated to sports of all. To use the app you have to have a contracted cable service And if so, you will not only enjoy football games but in fact you will be able to watch all kinds of sports content.


One of the newest applications we have for football lovers who want to be able to watch all the matches live is the Football Streaming app, which you must download from its own website ( so that you can open it on any Android phone or tablet, even though before doing so you must also download a program, Ace Stream (which is BETA), so that almost by surprise you will have access to all channels that broadcast live football, including pay-per-view channels.



Modbro, as some of you may already know, is still one of the best live football streaming applications on Android devices. It can be downloaded easily and for free and not only watch channels that offer football but at the same time offers us the possibility of following many other channels, most of them paid. Now if the ones you are looking for specifically are sports ones, we can tell you that among the most notable ones you have Sky Sport and BT Sport.



This is a page website ( through which you have access not only to football matches but to all types of sporting events, all of them live, and for free. The only thing you have to do to be able to enjoy what you want to see is create an account on the aforementioned website, and with this you will have access to any sports match or competition that is being broadcast at that moment.

Sybla TV


Esta otra aplicación nos posibilita poder ver todos los partidos de fútbol en directo y con solo hacer «click» en el link deseado. Una aplicación con un interfaz sencillo y un uso directo aún cuando tenemos que advertir que cuando se emite un partido de los considerados como «importantes», puede que el streaming vaya algo lento. Bastará con tener actualizada la app o si lo deseas, tienes la opción de descargarte el apk MXPlayer y posteriormente verás el partido sin problema a través de la app.

Argentine Soccer HD


A través de esta otra aplicación, y tal y como indica su nombre, vamos a poder ver todos los partidos de la competición en Argentina de manera gratuita, en directo, y con comentarios. Es una aplicación bastante sencilla de usar y suele tener siempre retransmisiones de calidad. Al mismo tiempo cuenta con la oportunidad de poder hacer un seguimiento minuto a minuto de la jornada, al mismo tiempo de repeticiones, clasificación en directo y otros extras. Si te gusta el fútbol argentino, esta es indudablemente, la mejor aplicación de que podemos recomendaros.


Para los amantes del deporte y del fútbol en concreto, hay aplicaciones que nunca les pueden faltar, y una de ellas sería indudablemente, The Football 4us Live Stream TV que cuenta con uno de los sistemas de streaming más recomendables cuando lo que quieres no es solo calidad de imagen sino evitar tener que recargar la app cada dos por tres cuando se queda parada. Una buena aplicación que ofrece todos los partidos en directo, con muchos comentarios entre los que seleccionar (en función del canal que visualices) y con la información de jornadas y partidos, minuto a minuto.

Next Match TV


Next Matc TV es la aplicación para ver partidos en vivo de los grandes eventos de fútbol. Esta aplicación te posibilita poder seguir partidos en directo de grandes eventos como UFFA, FIFA y muchos más de forma gratuita. No necesitas pagar un solo euro para poder utilizar esta aplicación. Inclusive puedes conseguir el calendario completo de los partidos usando esta aplicación. Además te proporciona el estado actual del partido e inclusive más detalles sobre el partido que se esté transmitiendo cuando te conectes.

Spectrum TV


Spectrum TV es una aplicación que junto a la oportunidad de permitirte poder ver partidos, lograremos seguir muchos canales de televisión, la gran mayoría internacionales, y lo mejor de todo es que cuenta al mismo tiempo con muchas películas de estreno y series. Es como tener una plataforma streaming instalada en nuestro dispositivo Android.


Esta aplicación es muy simple de utilizar y tiene actualizaciones de casi todos los partidos en vivo. La aplicación es completamente gratuita y la alta puntuación de los usuarios explica el éxito de ella. Se encuentra en Google Play y podemos descargarla para chequear que a través de un intuituivo interfaz nos permitirá hallar lo mejor del fútbol nacional e internacional, con una serie de «enlaces» que nos llevan a las mejores emisiones streaming.


Una aplicación que te conecta con las mejores emisiones en streaming de fútbol, que te conecta con los partidos de fútbol más actuales de todo el mundo. Disfruta no solo de los encuentros, sino que tienes al mismo tiempo todos los resultados, previsualizaciones de los partidos, estadísticas y las últimas noticias de cada uno de los encuentros que se disputan. Una aplicación que al mismo tiempo te pedirá permiso para poder entrar a la entrada de llamadas dado que cuando recibas una, se silenciará y se pausará para que puedas responder.

FirstRow Desktop App


Si deseas ver partidos de fútbol en vivo y otros deportes, esta aplicación es la aplicación perfecta para ti. Es fácil de utilizar y hay una gran variedad de canales de deportes que puede optar. Aún cuando hay algunos anuncios molesto, pero la experiencia en general es bastante agradable.

Veamos ahora los links para descargar todas estas aplicaciones. Son todos links oficiales a Google Play.

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