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The Keyword stuffing is a Black Hat SEO practice penalized by Google and means "Excessive use of keywords". In this practice, keywords are used excessively in the metadata, in the content or in the links in order to increase the positioning of the web portal for specific keywords. This overuse increases keyword density and is penalized by search engines for being spam.


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General information

In the early 90's, search engines based their ranking of website positioning on the basis of keywords and their synonyms, and the link structure of the web portal. For this reason, manipulating the positioning with negative SEO practices was very simple. Then, there were websites with an exaggerated number of keywords that did not add any added value to the content or the user.

Finally, the search engine algorithms have been modernized and now take into account not only the keywords but also their density, coherence of the text, relevance in the content. Therefore, keywords play a secondary role for positioning and their excessive use is penalized.



The exaggerated use of keywords continues to exist but in a less exaggerated way. Keywords are used on many different sites, for example:

  • Meta title: use of repeated keywords in titles.
  • Goal Description
  • Content: if abused it generates inconsistencies in the text and nonsense words.
  • Source: it is also found Black Hat SEO in the non-visible part, code, for the user. The "zero" or white font is used on a white background with abuse of keywords so that the user does not perceive it but the trackers do.

Google Recommendations

Google recommends not exaggerating with the use of keywords since these practices are penalized and, in this way, generate a deterioration of the positioning of the web portal in search results. At the same time, the user experience also worsens because it is more difficult for them to read the texts.

RECOMMENDATION: always create content that offers relevant information and added value to the user. Currently, due to the update of Google Penguin's algorithms, it is practically impossible to try to use SEO techniques to position your website without offering quality content.

Relevance for SEO

Excessive use of keywords has no positive effect on SEO. Currently required more quality content and fewer keywords. With the constant improvements of Google, for example the update "Hummingbird", the techniques Negative SEO they no longer have a place.

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