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The excel invoice template allows us to make a document that supports a commercial operation.

Our Excel templates are predesigned documents for your use. We create a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, which helps us organize the content and calculations of the document, allowing them to be customized and saved.

A spreadsheet facilitates the work of reproducing documents with similar characteristics, they are used to keep a retail control of budgets, expenses, commissions on sales, cash flows, inventories, provisions, etc. allowing to obtain summaries of information from different points of interest. An Excel template can contain formulas, macros, charts, headers, etc ...

Invoice template features

  • The template is a simple commercial invoice template that includes taxes and discounts. An invoice is the documentary support that proves the commercialization of a product or service. In it, the following data must be specified:
    • Date
    • Name of the issuer of the invoice (vendor or service provider)
    • Customer name
    • Brief description of the product or service sold
    • Amount of the operation
    • Discounts on the initial amount
    • Taxes calculated on tax base
    • Total bill
  • The tax rate can be modified
  • We can easily adapt it to any country: Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, etc ...

By means of this worksheet we can easily calculate the total amount of an operation

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