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Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization Concept

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), also known as conversion rate, is that activity that is responsible for reviewing and improving the conversion rate of a web page. Its main objective is get the number of people converting to increase desired on different web pages to boost the benefits of a company or brand.

Given the importance of the conversion rate or ratio, fundamentally when evaluating the success of a marketing strategy or even a website, this optimization task is an indisputable element to aim for growth. If you simply want to improve a business that moves within the digital environment, the work of professionals in this area is as necessary as it is indisputable.

To carry out the CRO, it is necessary to carry out an assessment of the design, the contents and fundamentally of the usability of the page or pages to be improved. The first step is to carry out an exhaustive analysis to establish the reasons why the desired rate is not achieved, or basically because it wants to grow even more. Once detected, initiatives must be started to obtain an improvement and achieve the desired ratio.

From sales to subscriptions, conversions can be of many types, but the goal of Conversion Rate Optimization is always the same.

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What is Conversion Rate Optimization for?

The procedure involved in Conversion rate optimization, or the optimization of the conversion rate in Spanish, is always carried out with the same purpose, which is none other than to improve the conversion rate. If a business wants to improve its profitability, it must complete this operation.

Its objective is always to improve the design, usability, content or even the offer of a page to obtain a greater number of conversions and, therefore, increase the profits of a company whatever the goal it pursues with each conversion. It does not matter if it is marketing, getting subscriptions, registering or any other type of action.

Conversion Rate Optimization Examples

As examples of CRO we can have in mind a strategy that is going through a stage of Testing A / BWhen this phase has finished, it is assessed which of the two pages has achieved a higher conversion rate and the reasons are assessed. Once this is done, they are put into practice in the face of other initiatives in search of conversions and are even improved to obtain that improvement in addition to the conversion rate.

More information on Conversion Rate Optimization

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