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Conversion it is a precise action carried out by a user when visiting a web portal. Some classical forms of conversion they are, for example, a purchase, a download or a subscription to the newsletter. A part of SEO or Online Marketing is the Conversion Ratio Optimization (CRO). In Affiliate Marketing it is used for publisher conversion.

General information

There are different indicators to measure the success of a web portal or a commercial promotion campaign. The conversion and therefore, the Conversion Ratio, have been established as a unit of measure of success in many areas of the company. With the help of web analytics tools such as Google Analytics, it is possible to calculate the conversion very easily. Other more extensive tools help to represent the conversion through devices and platforms such as Customer Journey.

The method of Conversion Tracking analyzes user tracking by means of a cookie. In spite of everything, today, many companies on the Internet, such as Microsoft, who want another, more secure tracking method. Webmasters carry out the conversion tracking to study the success of, for example, affiliate networks. With this information, advertisers know the commission they must pay to affiliates.

After calculating the conversion you can organize the respective Marketing strategy: Article-Conversion Marketing.


Conversion types

Different types of conversion depending on the user such as the conversion that generates an advertising campaign or the newsletter of a web portal. On the same page, each specific action represents a conversion different such as: filling in a contact form, a subscription to a newsletter, a download or the purchase of a product.

Conversion as a key performance indicator

The key indicator of conversion is the conversion ratio that offers a clear value, a percentage.

Conversion ratio = number of actions executed / ((number of visits) x 100)

There is no standard that establishes what is the optimal result of a conversion ratio since it depends on the overall performance of the web portal in question. All Marketing measures that have the objective of increasing the conversion ratio enter the discipline of CRO, Conversion Ratio Optimization.

Conversion in the Google AdWords search engine and analysis with Google Analytics

Who uses an advertising campaign in the Google AdWords search engine can define what is the conversion obtained from your SEA strategy. You can select between different objectives conversion. In order to review the conversion, the tracking codes, known as Tracking Codes in English, corresponding. In online stores, E-Commerce, they are used many times to follow the shopping cart procedure.

The objectives of the conversion They can also be defined using Google Analytics. Objectives such as, for example, the extension of a user's visit to the web portal or the submission of a form. These objectives can be exported to the Google AdWords account to be able to apply the measures of conversion corresponding to the commercial promotion campaign. Links from AdWords and Google Analytics accounts are used to export this data.

Relevance in Online Marketing

The conversion makes it easy for webmasters, advertisers and agencies to complete a success analysis. From this dynamic, the owners of websites that have a conversion that comes from a direct purchase, for example, they have to take into account the way they obtain said conversion since the conversion of downloads or newsletter subscriptions that come directly from search engines can, at times, manipulate this value. You should always check the customer experience and the sources that impact the conversion of a web portal. When a user reaches the desired product quickly, the chances of them buying it are greater. In order to guarantee this, you can use the Google Custom Search tool.

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