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B2B Marketing

The B2B Marketing (marketing business to business) refers to specific marketing activities that concern the link between two companies or institutions and, specifically, industrial or capital goods, which is why it is also called industrial marketing.

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Definition and peculiarities

B2B marketing differs from B2C, in that the latter is mainly aimed at the end customer. Even when B2B marketing uses similar methods, several special aspects or peculiarities should be paid attention to. Consumers make their purchasing decisions more routinely spontaneous and not necessarily rational. Massive business promotion, which awakens and amplifies needs or wants, hits the mark squarely.


However, employers generally have to go through rather lengthy processes, such as bidding, written request for bids, management approval, and more. Buyers in companies do not usually act on spontaneous impulses when buying, especially because they don't buy for their own needs. They generally deliberate first which business partners they will choose.


B2B marketing is usually aimed at a much smaller clientele and personal contact is very important here. Hence, the massive commercial promotion it plays a fairly subordinate role in this marketing sector.


The products are also different from B2C marketing. Whereas simple, almost self-explanatory products are predominantly marketed in business-to-consumer, products in B2B marketing often need a further explanation.

Therefore, commercial promotion should not only attract the interest of decision-makers, but also communicate the benefits and characteristics of a product or service. At the same time, business customers often expect additional or related servicessuch as installation, training and other after-sales services.


In B2B marketing, online marketing is becoming more and more important. B2B marketing actions are similar to those of B2C marketing, even though in principle they take a different approach. Possible actions include:

In the web

The professionalism of the web is of the utmost importance in B2B marketing. All communication channels go through here.

Email marketing

Since decision-making processes are quite lengthy in many companies, it is essential to regularly remind them of the business itself. A newsletter with an attractive design and added value can do this.

Social Media Channels

All company activities must be disseminated through the main social media channels. At the same time, business owners should also look at the big picture and post information regarding the industry. Content adequacy is an important component of B2B marketing.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has also reached B2B marketing. Entrepreneurs must ensure that they disseminate valuable and useful information. There are a variety of tactics for this, such as blogging, mobile device marketing, and video content.