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Google Play Store

Google Play Store concept

What is the Google Play Store?

Google Play Store is the mobile app store for devices with Android operating system. Any program that is developed with the purpose of being used in smartphones or tablets that have the Google OS must be listed in the catalog of this store to guarantee its security and approval by the company.

Even though it was born under a different name, over the years it has evolved into one of the most used digital stores by users everywhere. Its catalog has millions and millions of different products, from Applications that are used to offer certain services to books, movies, games or even magazines or songs to enjoy with any mobile device terminal.

A place where, at the same time, companies fight to obtain the greatest presence through their applications. And it is that, any application well positioned in Google Play Store it is synonymous with a high download rate and, therefore, a greater benefit for those responsible for the application.

Currently, it is one of the main means of disseminating apps for smartphones and tablets due to its relationship with Android devices. It moves tons of content and users per day and does nothing more than grow with both free and paid software. For anyone with a phone running Google's operating system, this is a definite must-see.

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What is the Google Play Store for

Google Play Store allows anyone to download applications with which to enrich the use of a phone, tablet or even a smart watch. This digital store makes it very easy when downloading and installing apps, since it guarantees that it consists of safe software and that it reaches certain minimums of quality.

At the company level, in the professional sector, it is the place to fight for visibility and good positions, since this guarantees a high volume of users accessing and downloading the launched app. A very powerful broadcast channel and a more than good window to get closer to a large audience.

Examples from Google Play Store

It is not feasible to give examples of the Google Play Store, but of applications that can be downloaded through this digital store. To make a good compilation of examples, we are going to show you the most interesting of 2017 within this virtual catalog through the following link.

Below you can see the most successful applications throughout 2017 on Google Play:

The best of 2017 on Google Play: the most popular apps and games according to Google.

More information about the Google Play Store

If you need to read more about the Google Play Store, about how to position or even about aspects related to smartphone applications, you can read the content of the publications that we link here.

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