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Google Instant

Google Instant is one of the search services of Google Inc. that allows you to get the desired search results faster. For this, the results are already visible, even before you have entered a keyword and submitted the request.

Google Instant working principle

Google Instant has been enabled since September 2010 and was initially only offered to users of Google accounts who had signed in. This quick search function is now widely available to all users. If you enter a search definition in the Google search box, the first search results will immediately appear in the background. Using its algorithm, the search engine automatically determines what you are looking for and will display the most relevant search results. If the search engine is correct, the user can immediately stop typing and review the search results that appear in the list. Otherwise, you can further refine your search query until you get the required information.

Advantages of Google Instant

Google Instant provides one of the desired results faster. According to Google, an average of two to five seconds can be saved per query when using Google Instant. Performing the presumed planned search query has been improved with Google Instant. The results are displayed as instantaneous and dynamic way.

Relevance for SEO

Google Instant does not have a direct impact on the positioning of a website. However, some things have changed in the field of search engine optimization due to the introduction of this service. The behavior of Google users has changed. The perception of the different positions in the SERPs is affected. While the perception of positions 1 to 5 has barely changed, positions 6 to 10 have increased significantly. But the rankings on the second page of the SERPs have lost a lot of ground. In this way, ranking outside the top 10 is of even less interest to website operators. Another effect, which manifests itself in the field of search engine optimization, is the strengthening of generic keywords that consist of a single word, such as "car." The same applies to brands. However, longtail keywords lose out with Google Instant because you no longer have to type as many search terms before reaching the desired result.

Google Instant also affects the area of commercial promotion in search engines (SEA). Since a search query can generate multiple impressions, it can happen, depending on the campaign, that impressions skyrocket compared to conventional search. But the conversion could also be improved, since the search results displayed are even better adapted to the real needs of the user. Also there were some changes for CPCs in Google AdWords with the introduction of Google Instant. Cost per click increased for generic keywords, while longtail keywords tend to be less expensive.