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Domain Popularity

The domain popularity denotes the number of backlinks that are directed from different domains to a website.

Arguments for domain popularity

Google checks the value and fame of a website on the Internet based on the number of backlinks. Over time, it was discovered that this statement was not entirely correct. If a website is recommended by one person over and over again, thousands or even hundreds or backlinks are established from a single web portal, it is still the effect of a single recommendation.

Each domain from which one or more backlinks are received is ranked with a single point. A website that provides 100 links to another has the same value in terms of domain popularity as one with only one outbound link. This is used to find out how many different people consider a website to be useful and recommended.

Measures to boost domain popularity

There are a variety of measures that can help improve domain popularity. In particular, these are link building alternatives that result in high-quality backlinks related to as many different websites as possible. Specifically, the following possible measures should be considered:

  • Natural links to high-quality content.
  • Community and forum links.
  • Backlinks from blogs (for example, through guest posts, product sharing, or product testing).
  • Configuration of satellite sites with different URLs.
  • Dissemination of posts on post directories and press releases.
  • Purchase or rental of links.

Not all possible measures are welcomed and tolerated by Google. For example, buying links should be avoided, because once this is discovered, penalties very often occur. As the popularity of domains has grown in popularity in recent years, many of the previously common link building methods are now almost obsolete. For example, footer links that are multiplied by the number of subpages on a website have lost their power.

How to set domain popularity

To establish domain popularity, website operators need to find out how many links direct from other domains to your website. For this purpose, there are a wide variety of free and paid backlink tools on the Internet. The free tools provide you with a preliminary overview, but are not a good basis for deep strategy, as they provide some very unreliable data. A better basis for professionals would be the validated data from the backlink tools of the big SEO software companies.

Importance for SEO

Right now, the popularity of domains is one of the main criteria for the importance of a website in the eyes of search engines. Thus, the excellent popularity of domains can be an important success factor for a good ranking in the SERPs. The former "link popularity" ranking factor has largely been replaced by domain popularity. Link popularity could be manipulated too easily, which is not the case with the popularity of domains.

It is questionable whether domain popularity will remain the benchmark in the long run, or whether it will be replaced by IP popularity. The backlinks from domains with the same IP address would have decreased in value since they are managed by the same host. However, this could affect innocent website operators, as large service providers have a large number of customers. Thus, the popularity of IT as a criterion remains somewhat controversial.