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Rest api

Api concept of rest

What is a rest API?

The rest api, which is also known as the REST API, is an app programming interface that relies on the REST architecture for the development of networked apps. Taking advantage of the HTML language, it allows any company to create web apps without problems, even if always based on the restrictions that it supposes.

REST stands for Representational State Transfer, a concept that defines a series of important constraints to define the systems that respond to its principles. The restrictions are as follows:

  • Free client-server connection. The client does not need to know the details of the server implementation, and the client does not have to worry about how the data it sends is used either.
  • Each request sent to the server is independent.
  • Support for a caching system.
  • Each REST service resource must have a unique address, maintaining a generic interface.
  • Arrangement of different layers for server implementation.

Similarly, there are four operations that are most used in the rest api: GET (query and read), POST (create), DELETE (delete) and PUT (edit).

Most modern companies use this API for the development of webapps with which to improve their internal services, even for those that want to offer them to consumers.

What is the rest API for?

The rest api is used to develop apps that communicate better with each other, establishing a scenario with a series of restrictions that allow this communication to be done effectively. That is the utility to which we can stick if we limit ourselves to its role in the field of software; despite everything, looking from the business field, it has much more behind it.

Thanks to this, companies can include functions on their websites more easily, even when they come from third parties. From this dynamics, they can improve the usability of their sites without problems, also improving the user experience and, therefore, the brand image. With all this, firms have the possibility of gaining visibility and reliability, as well as considerably reducing development costs to increase their profitability.

Rest API examples

Giving examples of rest api is not an easy task. It is a series of guidelines that dictate how to program, so it is not an exemplifiable concept. This, despite everything, does not prevent an example of how its most important commands work, as you can see below: using commands with the REST API.

More information about the rest API

In case you need more information about the rest api, you can read all the contents that are linked below. We hope you find them useful not only to expand, but also to put concepts into practice and take advantage of them.