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Amazon concept

What is Amazon?

Amazon is the most important online store anywhere (click here to see the Amazon website

). Its about most representative icon of the e-commerce and one of the most frequented websites by users on half the planet. It has a catalog full of products of all types and sectors and with prices and conditions that usually attract the eyes of all users, both those who are used to buying on the Internet and those who have never done so.

It consists of an American company based in Seattle and with Jeff bezos as founder. Its origin dates back to 1994, when it began to open its website under the name, which a year later would change to the more than popular domain. It is a business that took its first steps with the commercialization of books through the Internet and that took very little to achieve success due to the low prices that were handled and the variety of catalog that was offered to consumers.

From that moment on, this platform has only undergone constant growth. It took little time to go public to offer shares to the public and to diversify its entire catalog to incorporate products of all kinds and for all audiences. To this day, it is the greatest example of the possibilities of online commerce, making its founder, Bezos himself, one of the richest people on the entire planet.

What is Amazon for

Amazon can be used to buy practically anything that comes to mind. Its website is the gateway to an extensive catalog with many alternatives. At the same time, it is a good way to even make emergency purchases through a shipping system that generally shines for its speed and effectiveness.

It is a comfortable way to make purchases and, at the same time, to enter a platform with more and more products. Little by little they are incorporating an even greater variety through agreements with large chains, to the point that they can even obtain grocery products so that they do not have to go to any supermarket.

Amazon examples

They only exist to enter the website of Amazon to have an example of what it is. As examples of possible purchases on Amazon, we can think of computer equipment suitable for design, something perfect for businesses like our agency, NeoAttack, or even women's clothing or e-books to enjoy on a Kindle.

There are many possibilities available on the website of this e-commerce, you just have to enter and take a look to verify it.

More information about Amazon

Although we have only talked about its commercial side for the public, Amazon is something that can also be used to promote the sales of a business. In the links that we leave below you can read more about it, as well as further information.

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