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IPO stands for Organic Performance Index. Allows you to set the organic yield current of your website.

General information

The Organic Performance Index (OPI) is found in the Ryte software administration panel and indicates whether your website is optimally using its full potential.

The IPO is based on real Google data from the Google Search Console and therefore provides practical advice to get the most out of your rankings. Based on this success indicator, various measures can be derived by finding out with the web portal operator what you are doing today and where you want to go.


Using the OPI in Ryte Software

The OPI chart is based on a self-learning algorithm that extracts applicable experience values and correlations from all of the aggregated data. This calculation is used as a basis to provide practical advice to boost your website rankings. Thanks to the constant learning of the algorithm, these tips can be adapted more and more to your needs over time.

Another way to explain it would be: the OPI is a metric that evaluates the traffic potential that your project can have. It is based on Ryte's own algorithm, which averages the CTR of the keywords that are on the first page and extrapolates it to the rest of the keywords in order to show you the maximum number of clicks you could get if the project was great. worked up.

So the comparison between the OPI and the clicks allows making strategic decisions:

A high discrepancy between the IPO and the number of clicks means that the website ranks well, but it could get more clicks. This can be achieved, for example, through better positioning or more attractive snippets. If the discrepancy between the IPO and the number of clicks is very low, it can be assumed that the potential is fully exploited. In this case, you should try to expand the reach of your website and thus expand its potential through new lucrative topics and keywords.

Relevance for SEO

OnPage optimization includes many technical, content, and structural aspects. These can be analyzed more closely within the scan results. If you regularly carry out an exhaustive OnPage analysis of your web portal, you will be able to discover unused potentials and new traffic channels, at the same time as optimization measures. The OPI helps to examine the current state of your website in terms of OnPage optimization.