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The Online commercial promotion, in English Online Advertising, refers to the publication of Advertising Material on the Internet. There are different methods of commercial promotion, such as commercial promotion by email or banners. Apart from this, Mobile Device Trade Promotion is becoming increasingly important given the increase in the use of mobile devices.

Advertising Methods

The Internet offers various options for companies to target their target audience correctly. Commercial promotion through Banner, Targeting, SEA, SEO, Tracking Pixel, Interstitials, Prestitials, text ads, Sponsorships, Commercial Video clips, etc. are the most common methods used in Commercial promotion on the Internet. At best, the business promotion campaign can develop into viral marketing.

In order for the commercial promotion to be as effective as possible, we must integrate the QR codes in the Online and Offline advertising campaigns. We can also add Customer Ratings in the ad to increase the trust of the target audience.

Email Advertising

The Email Advertising, or email business promotion, is one of the most widely used business promotion methods. This advertising model covers the sending of Newsletters, Flyers, etc. through emails. The company can, in this way, inform its customers about the latest news and offers, for example. According to post § 7 paragraph 3 of the "Unfair Competition Act", the sending of such emails is prohibited without the prior consent of the user.

Banners are the most common among display or Flash ads. 'Banners are one of the advertising methods cheaper and, in Affiliate Marketing programs they are generally preferred. The commercial promotion that appears in video games is called "in-game advertising" and is carried out through different types of Banners.



Targeting is a type of commercial promotion aimed at a specific target audience. The greatest difficulty in this type of commercial promotion is the correct definition of the target audience, Segmentation.

Once we have defined our segment, we will be able to make the most of the advertising campaign sales procedure with models such as the AIDA Model).

Advantages and Disadvantages with Offline Commercial Promotion


Compared to offline commercial promotion, commercial promotion on the Internet has the advantage that the reactions of the target audience are easy to measure. Another advantage is that the online commercial promotion has a much greater reach. An Online magazine, for example, is available to almost anyone in the world. At the same time, online business promotion is a lot more economical and therefore it is to provision of more users (companies).

Apart from this, on the Internet it is very easy to connect with people with common interests (theater, music, sport, etc.) and this directly benefits companies. Thanks to Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), people can share their interests and information with other users, useful information to personalize advertising campaigns, define the target audience and, therefore, target the correct potential customers.

To boost engagement with potential customers and build trust, we can integrate items such as customer reviews or the click-to-call option with which users can get immediate attention with just one click. We can get this application through different providers, such as Google AdWords.


The Online commercial promotion meets only users who browse the Internet. Another disadvantage is the so-called “banner blindness”. According to this term, users are so accustomed to constantly encountering banners while surfing the Net that in the end they develop unconscious blindness and ignore them.

At the same time, users do not usually have much confidence in Banners since there is a danger of having to deal with malware (Malvertising).

Requirements for a good Online Commercial Promotion

According to a survey carried out by Internet users in Germany, a good online business promotion campaign should, among many other things, be informative. Respondents chose these three requirements: "interesting information", "imagination" and "entertaining".

Evolution of Online Commercial Promotion

Experts have observed a considerable increase in the expenses of Internet advertising campaigns in the USA. According to this study, Internet advertising expenses increased by 7 Billion Euros in 2012. A considerable increase if we compare it with the data of 2011. [1]

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