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The metadata is structured data that contains information about a source, such as a book or web document. Thanks to metadata It is much easier to find the source of information since they contain data on the title, author, publication date, description, etc. They are used in libraries but also for statistics and software engineering.

Metadata in WWW

The metadata They are used in HTML programming to provide information to the server, the browser and automatic programs (robots). They also contain instructions on redirects to other websites. The definition of metadata it is located in the header of the HTML document. All metadata is written with meta tags.


Metadata can be written in different ways and is optional, but both search engines and experts in the Online Marketing industry recommend its use. On the one hand, search engines receive information about the content of the web document and, on the other, users view the Meta Description as Snippets in the SERPs. It is recommended to review what type of metadata is the most suitable for each case.

EYE: In addition, the Dublin Core can be used as standard.

Relevance for SEO

Search engine crawlers use the metadata to get information about web documents / files. This data helps search engines index and categorize websites. In HTML, this information is recorded using meta tags. Some meta tags, such as the title, are very important to search engines and have a great impact on rankings.