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It is called Longtail (literary translation: long tail) to those products that are not readily available in the market due to their low demand, that is, niche products. In SEO the term longtail applies to minority keywords that users use in their searches, plus includes keyword combination.


The searches Longtail they occur less frequently and bring less traffic than popular keywords. Despite all the keywords longtail as a whole they should not be underestimated. Search engines cause searches with combinations of words that represent specific tastes and needs.

Longtail EN.png

The searches longtail cause a much lower search volume than common searches, however, since the search possibilities longtail there are many, this offers a wide range of possibilities. Therefore, the sum of the searches of all the longtails it is immense.

At the same time, the user is aware that by inserting many search terms the search engine will provide results more according to their needs, thus increasing the Click Through Rate - CTR. If they find what they are looking for, the user will be more satisfied and their experience on the web portal will be much better and the chances that you buy, for example, also increase. In this way, search optimization longtail it can lead to good results in the Conversion Ratio.

Longtail optimization

A new web portal does not have it easy at all to rank for popular keywords. An alternative would be not to take full advantage of common terms but to focus on the longtails. It is much simpler to appear as the first result in rare searches. At the same time, with the longtail you can make use of geographic references. A user searching for a business in your city will use the name of your city.

Who decides to make the most of searches longtail you need to focus on the text and make sure there are many different keyword combinations. In long texts more combinations are caused. In this way, use a text that describes your product in detail and make sure that the longtail chosen is a search that users would carry out and not for search engines. The words should be in the singular, plural and synonyms of the same topic.

Importance in SEO

Apart from the OnPage Optimization with 2 or 3 words, it is also possible to focus on the longtails. Since each page can be individually optimized, this makes it possible to optimize the longtails. Regardless, the home page should be limited to 2-3 words.

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