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Linkerati refers to a person on the Internet who can reach many other people with their posts due to their personality or position. If said person connects to another website, it is considered a link in connection with that web portal.


A linkerati establishes himself as a person who communicates with a large number of people. Such a person has a great reach and a great network. Equivalent to a social media campaign, a linkerati could be considered an influencer. They are often opinion leaders who have been given some weight in social media channels, forums, or blogs. In an active forum where many users make public and read, even a simple user of the forum can be a linkerati if he recommends or links to the desired content.

Examples of Linkerati

There are many possible sources of linkeratis, for example:[1]

  • Bloggers: They provide links of high quality and especially related to the topics and, at the same time, high quality traffic.
  • Forum Users: The linking power of forum links is somewhat controversial. The fact is, however, that topical forum links can generate very high-quality traffic.
  • Journalists: For journalists, it is irrelevant whether they operate online or offline. A link disseminated as part of a report in a printed or technical journal does not generate link power, but due to perfect targeting, attract high-quality traffic. If you can turn an online journalist into a linkerati, it can produce powerful links in terms of link power.
  • Editors: Professional copywriters enrich their texts with trusted links and links to more information. If they receive high-quality information on your special topics, they can determine a link to it in the future.
  • Viral opinion leaders: In times when social media is an important positioning factor, viral opinion leaders have gained prominence as linkeratis. Fan pages with many hundreds of followers, celebrities, experts and many other personalities can serve as links because their posts have a wide reach.

Identification of linkeratis

Identifying and tackling a linkerati may require a great deal of time and some personal commitment - this task should only be tackled conditionally. First, you need to look around your industry and identify influencers, opinion leaders, and other potential links. Networking with these people is essential.

Unannounced information about your own content will tend to be considered a nuisance, so any reference to it should always be preceded by a certain amount of contact and familiarization time. The linkeratis must be established and used very specifically. Diverse approaches are only possible conditionally because many people quickly feel exploited and harassed when regularly confronted with the personal needs of another and from which they do not benefit. It is also essential that the linkerati can identify with the content, since after all, by linking it is giving a recommendation.

Relevance for SEO

In the field of SEO, linkeratis play an important role as classic link building is becoming more and more difficult. A linkerati gives the possibility of building natural bonds. Depending on the scope of the person, it can also lead to many more links if your followers continue to spread the content.