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Keyword Focus

The term keyword focus, or keyword focus, refers to the alignment of a URL with a main keyword. This can result in a more effective positioning, since each page with keyword focus is classified separately.


To align a page with a specific keyword, the central keyword or the respective keyword combination is used in different parts of the document. The keyword can appear in the URL or in the domain. However, it now plays a much less important role for search engine optimization. It is more important to have the main keyword in the Meta Title, in the Meta Description and in the Heading Tags as <h1>. You can also use the ALT attribute to place the keyword.

Find the correct keyword focus]] The keywords that are specifically relevant to the content must be defined before creating the content. A review of the competition and search volume is recommended. Focusing on keywords is essential when creating content, but keyword stuffing is not recommended. Not only does the particular term count, but also the existence of synonyms, similar terms and, for example, the plural form.

Thus, keyword focus optimization is not just keyword optimization, but rather a question of thematic rigor and consistency of a website. To reinforce the keyword approach in the context of holistic content optimization or OnPage optimization, TF * IDF analysis is currently used. The weighting of the term around a core keyword is determined by the strongest websites for this search term. The result of this analysis is a curve with the relative occurrence of important keywords, which an author can use as a guide.

Optimization options

The keyword focus is essential for the success of a URL in the SERP. The goal should be to define a keyword focus for each URL in a web portal. Additionally, additional secondary keywords can be defined. These can be long-tail keywords, which are not used in the h1 header but in the h2 header, for example. Keyword Focus also plays an even more important role in local SEO. For website optimization for local search, the focus is broadened to include terms with regional relevance.