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Portfolio Concept

What is a Portfolio?

A Portfolio is a definition that has a large number of meanings but, nevertheless, within marketing it is left with two: the set of finished projects, work carried out, studies, models or everything carried out by a professional or a group of professionals who endorse their experience and preparation.

The second definition is that of the group of products that a brand offers to its entire audience. They must be grouped into categories or lines and the set must meet 4 essential features: breadth, depth, extension and consistency. To be defined below:

    • Amplitude: number of product lines that exist in the company and that are marketed.
    • Depth: variants of each product that appear in each of the lines available to the company.
    • Extension: total of products that belong to a certain brand.
    • Consistency: link between each product line and its end use. It takes into account the distribution system, the requirements to produce it and other factors.

This second meaning is the one that is most relevant at the business level, since it is the key that establishes the commercial development of any company. It lists your entire line of products (and services), of what you want consumers to become customers with and what you try to satisfy a market demand.

What is a Portfolio for?

A Product Portfolio serves to outline the strategy of a company at a commercial level. With the study of this documentation, at the same time, the elaboration of the corresponding analyzes of both competitiveness and profitability is facilitated, since it is in charge of putting on the table everything that consists of selling, allowing to compare with the competition and value up to what point is valid with respect to profitability.

It helps to know the best-selling products, the least sold, their characteristics ... Everything related to each product or each service that a company provides. From this dynamics, it allows a deep analysis of each line with which to assess what to improve to increase profitability and improve the competitiveness of the company in the sector. It even facilitates hiring by another company to have what they can offer you.

Portfolio Examples

To find Portfolio examples, you have to focus primarily on the professional sector. It consists of a document that lists all the commercial activity of a company based on what it offers both in products and services, so it is not something that is usually seen in public.

In the article that we leave below, you can see a clear example of what a portfolio looks like: portfolio example.

More information from the Portfolio

In the event that you need more information about the Portfolio, we can offer it to you. Below you have several additional content with more details that can be quite interesting. We hope you find them useful.

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